Rediscovering Mother Sita and Her Relevance Today

March 8-9, 2019
Jnana-Pravaha, Varanasi, India
 A two-day reflection on the life and message of Mother Sita. As we shift into a new era, a new reading and understanding of the traditional Ramayana narrative is essential as we strive for deeper balance between the masculine and feminine energies so we can realize greater harmony in our world.
Sita is a beloved figure for Hindus around the world, as well as for non-Hindus throughout Southeast Asia. But the message of her life extends beyond these audiences and bears universal import, particularly relevant for the modern age when a new understanding of feminine wisdom and leadership is needed, and when we are facing an unprecedented ecological crisis.

During Sita’s time on earth, humanity was beginning to shift from a nature-based way of life toward greater material development. Many concepts were implanted in the collective mind at that time that guided the subsequent development of human civilization. We have now reached the pinnacle of this development and are reaping the results of our abuse of earth’s resources—its land, water, and air. To survive as a human community, we will need to incorporate into our lives a new-found appreciation, respect, and love for the natural world, a love that was exemplified in the life of Mata Sita.
Looking back to the time when humanity was beginning to divorce itself from nature and to cultivate more of a separate, individual identity will help us understand the pitfalls of this separateness in consciousness. Seeing ourselves as disconnected from nature has given mankind the false impression that we can control nature and recklessly deplete it, discounting the rights of other life forms and ignoring our interdependent relationship. 

Mata Sita is a shining example of feminine courage and capacity, qualities that were honored and treasured by Sri Ram. This gathering is an opportunity to reflect on Sita’s life and message, and to explore how we can benefit from her wisdom as we seek to respond to the challenges of today.

White Lotus
By rediscovering the true nature of Sita we can help balance the masculine and feminine energies in society which is so essential today. By awakening both the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine we can help heal the damage inflicted on nature. By deepening our understanding of our cultural stories, in this case our ancient Vedic culture, we can shed misperceptions that have clouded them while at the same time bringing forth their essential truth. These are some of the themes we will explore at our gathering on March 8 th and 9 th in Varanasi, that is jointly organized by Jnana-Pravaha and The Global Peace Initiative of Women.  

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