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October 14th in the Dead of Virginia City

This Saturday, The Hunt will transform one of the most authentic living ghost towns in the world into a post-apocalyptic escape room crawling with the flesh-starved dead. The fast-paced, riddle-solving competition will pit you against fellow survivors and the clock. The riddles will be based on the haunted history of Virginia City. The clues will be hidden inside the infamous buildings and landmarks of the Comstock. They will all lead you to the final code and the vaccine. But this is more than just a scavenger hunt. On your path to victory, you will hunt for and be hunted by zombies. 


Stand in this spot and you can feel it. Celebrations scorched over and over again. The whisper of laughter, the soft clinking of champagne glasses, the faded sound of music in the breeze. First constructed of wood, it was dismantled and re-imagined in brick. Destroyed by flames, it rose again grander, only to be reduced again into a magnificent ruin. The memories of the great International Hotel now lay waste under concrete in the center of Virginia City. This is where the game begins. 

Check-in is from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. the day of the event. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST CHECK-IN IN PERSON BY 12 P.M. 

You must present your ID and sign the waiver to participate. You may NOT have your team captain or friend check-in for you. We highly encourage teams to check-in together to speed up the process.

At check-in individuals will receive a bag with swag, a bib, and a flag belt. Team leaders will receive their team's flags as well as an envelope. Rebel Squads (teams with 2 to 3 members) will receive a total of 6 flags. Mob Squads (teams with 4 to 6 members) will receive a total of 8 flags. These are the only flags you will get throughout the game. Each team member must wear their flag belt and their bib throughout The Hunt. As for the envelope? Do not open it until it is your team's turn to launch.  


This is going to be epic! You won't know what is in store for you until you enter the launch zone. Launches begin at 12:20 p.m. There will be a launch every 10 minutes. Please be ready to enter the launch zone at least 5 minutes before your launch time.


Your team's time will start as soon as you are launched. It will end as soon as your team crosses the finish line with the vaccine. You must have the vaccine when you cross the finish line and you must cross as a team! Five minutes will be added to your time for every team member who does not finish. At the finish line, your team must present any flags you have left. Each flag your team finishes with is a two-minute bonus time deduction. Any flags brought up later will not be accepted. 

Pay attention to your riddles! Some locations must be completed earlier than others. If you don't complete these spots before the time stated, you will not be able to finish the game.

Teams must finish The Hunt by 4:00 p.m. At that time, the roads will re-open and the Celebration of Survivor's Party will begin. 

Team times will be posted at the Celebration of Survivors' Party. Banners and awards will be given to the top 6 teams in each category (Rebel Squad and Mob Squad).


The riddles will be based on the history of Virginia City. Unfamiliar with the authentic living ghost town? Check out our  Study Guide. The Game Warden is posting new hints leading up to The Hunt. Some of these will lead you to victory, some will be dead ends. You won't know which is which until you play the game.

You can use your cellphone to help you solve riddles, however, this is post Armageddon. Technology doesn't work that well. 


The locations in The Hunt are all within .666-miles of each other. Your team will walk several miles back and forth during the game, but all clues are within less than a mile of the launch site.

The clues are hidden, but you will not need to move anything to find them. You may have to open a door or two, but that's it. Please leave all buildings and landmarks and the items inside of them as you found them. 

Write things down!

If your team is stuck on a riddle or unable to find a clue, you can receive a hint from the Game Warden. He will gladly help you out. But it will cost you. Each hint will cost one flag. You can only get one hint per visit to the Game Warden.


Virginia City is a Historic National Landmark District. Respect it. No running inside buildings or on sidewalks. The clues are hidden, but you will not be be required to move, touch, push, rub, kick, lick, or do anything else to find them. All you need is your wits and your eyes. Leave locations in the same state in which you found them. Disrespecting historic buildings, landmarks, or the items in them will result in removal from the event without a refund.

No pushing, kicking, tripping, tackling, spitting or any other kind of aggressive action. This type of behavior is strictly prohibited. The only grabbing is zombies grabbing flags. This is not a contact sport. Any type of hostile behavior will result in removal from the event without a refund.

No weapons allowed.

Flags must be attached to the belts provided. Flags are to be worn on a competitor's sides. Do not tuck in the flags, tie them in a knot, safety pin them, or hang them in the front or back of the belt. 

Zombies can only go after competitors' flags in designated Dead Zones. Going after flags is prohibited on sidewalks, buildings, and anywhere not designated as a Dead Zone. Violation of this rule will result in removal from the event for the offending zombie. If you see the living dead outside a designated Dead Zone, don't run! They can't get you.

If a competitor falls to the ground they are off limits to all creatures. If you see someone fall, help them up.

You must wear your bib at all times. If you are caught without it, you will be removed from the event without a refund.

The only transportation allowed is your feet. If any member of your team gets in a car, hops on a motorcycle, cycles through town on a bike, pulls a skateboard out of their backpack, rolls down the sidewalk on a Rascal... whatever... your team will be disqualified.

This event is designed to be a fun and exhilarating experience for all participants. To ensure this, everyone needs to be respectful of all rules and a good dose of common sense here couldn't hurt.


Drink wristbands are valid at the main event beer truck and at the revival station on the course. You can use your drink wristbands during the entirety of The Hunt. Drink wristbands are NOT valid in the saloons of Virginia City.


The Celebration of Survivors is will be packed with hunters and zombies from all over the country. There will be music, beer, food, cocktails, and much, much more. The outdoor arena will be adorned with posted team times as well as banners for the victors. The Game Warden will present those banners as well as prizes to the winners in a special awards ceremony. He will also rule over several contests, and he will have more games for you to play. You didn't think he would be done with you so easily, did you?

Red Dog Saloon
76 N. C Street
4:00 p.m. - ???
No Cover Charge


Your saloon crawl cup gets your first beer free at the main event bar and a map to exclusively sample a wide range of Redrun-themed drinks and one-of-a kind Virginia City specialty drinks. Participants will collect raffle tickets during the crawl. If you are competing in The Hunt and participating in the crawl, don't worry about it effecting your time. In VC, you can take your drink with you!

Saloon Crawl Hours
11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
raffle drawing and grand prize winner to be announced at the Celebration of Survivors' Party


Parking is first-come, first-served. Do your best to arrive early and find a legal parking spot!  


BRING YOUR CAMERA!! The Hunt is one of the most extensive ghost tours through Virginia City ever.  Think you've seen this haunted town? You are going to see things you didn't even know existed. Be sure to tag #redrunvc.

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