JUNE 2019 | VOLUME 2

Chris McDade, Senior Project Manager at DePuy Synthes Trauma, asked OMTEC® 2019 attendees to raise a hand if they experience project delays. Nearly every hand shot up. We're covering McDade’s refresher on the basic skills of project management, focusing on process accuracy and risk assessment.

Innovation requires perseverance and conviction. David Hovda shares advice on essential business skills needed to run a startup and his company’s vision for addressing cervical disc replacement.

Atracsys’ portfolio includes open platform optical navigation and robotic tracking components. The fusionTrack 500 navigation camera will be incorporated in SNN’s next-generation robotics platform due for commercial release in 2020.

“We believe that every tumor and complex revision surgery should have a plan tailored to the patient’s anatomy and to the surgeon’s needs, and that requires a dedicated investment and unique approach,” says Patrick Treacy, who founded the company in 2015.
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The three-piece mobile-bearing system is indicated for non-cemented use, and has been implanted in more than 20,000 patients ex-U.S. since launch in 2000.

The acquisition includes Vilex’s Orthex Hexapod circular fixation technology and CORA-based x-ray planning software, which allows OrthoPediatrics to close portfolio gaps in the trauma/deformity space.

Overcoming Lead Times, Spine Surface Technologies, Computational Modeling & Simulation and Personalized Implants...these subjects and more are covered in presenter slides, available now.

During the opening keynote panel, a group of executives spoke about the future of the industry. We offer three initial takeaways from that discussion.

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