Reduce Risk on Solid Waste Projects with
Expert Geosynthetic and Soil Testing
Interface Shear Test Assignment Guide
GeoTesting Express' internationally recognized laboratories have been providing geosynthetic and soil testing services in support of solid waste projects for over 25 years. Accredited by AASHTO, A2LA, and GAI-LAP with validation from the United States Army Corps of Engineers, coupled with over 150 years of combined testing-industry experience, our accuracy and quality is assured.

Interface Shear Testing 

  • Fast turnaround to meet your schedule
  • Clear, concise, and complete reporting
  • Accurate results with expert interpretation
  • Knowledge of slope stability analysis

Geosynthetic Conformance and  

Seam Testing

  • Same-day capability
  • Geomembrane, geotextile, geocomposite, geonet, geogrid, and GCL testing
  • Long-term transmissivity testing

Soil Testing

  • Next-day hydraulic conductivity testing for compacted clay liners
  • Fully automated triaxial and direct shear testing for slope stability
  • Index testing to confirm specification conformity
Laboratory Testing
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