Reasons to Consider Early Return to Work to reduce your Workers Comp claim costs.
Reduce Claim Costs up to 70 Percent:  Not only are lost-time days reduced, but studies show medical costs are also reduced.  Premiums are loss sensitive, and claims impact your future costs.

Increase the Chances of your Employee Returning to Work:  There is only a 50% chance that an injured employee will return to work after a six-month absence; this declines to a 25% chance following a one-year absence and is further reduced to a 1% chance after a two-year absence.

Faster Recovery Period:  A good early return to work program treats work as therapy to help the injured worker recover three times faster than if they stayed at home.

Reduce Award Costs:  The potential for an injured worker to become permanently disabled is greatly reduced.

Reduce Fraud: Early return to work programs demonstrate that getting injured doesn’t necessarily mean getting paid for being out of work.

Increase Employee Morale:  Early return to work programs send the message that employees are a valuable asset rather than a disposable resource.

Early Return to Work can result in significant savings
It  can be applied to any industry and be successful with any company with some creative thinking.  The efforts are worth the savings.  An example of a company taking advantage of early return to work is Roto-Rooter Services Co. with workers’ compensation costs ranging from $1.40 million to $1.85 million each year. In 1993, after the launch of their early return to work program, this figure dropped to $365,000.
The research showed that three steps have the most impact:
  1. Early employer/worker contact
  2. An offer of lesser duties
  3. Contact between the employer and the doctor

And Keevily can help you coordinate the modified duty offer process.

Keevily has a specialized program that coordinates early return to work.  We work directly with the doctor and your company to develop a modified duty position and obtain approval from the treating physician.  We will help you through all the steps of the program and continue working with you until the injured worker is released to full duty. 
If you have any cases you would like us to review for Early Return to Work, please complete the "Job Demand Summary and provide the injured worker's name.
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