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Pack West Rotary Capper, chuck type, Model Rotary 8 Royal, 8-head automatic rotary capping machine, stainless steel construction. Previously used to secure caps on approximately 42 mm opening of square bottles of spices. Offered complete with stainless steel PackWest cap feeder/elevator.

New Price: $49,500
Orbital Bottle Washer, McBrady Model 200, new in 2011, stainless steel construction, rated for up to 200 bottles per minute, Serial number A48-21317. Includes 72" diameter wheel. Complete with infeed & outfeed conveyor frame and drive. Complete with control box.

New Price: $15,000

Kosme Pressure Sensitive Labeler, Model EXTRA.ADH.504, new in 2005. Rated for 460V, 3-phase, 60-cycle. Set up as front & back labeler, self adhesive labels, previously running on square spice bottles/cartons. Complete with infeed & discharge star wheels & belt conveyor framework. Good condition.

New Price: $15,000
All-Fill Pouch Filler, previously filling pouches of oatmeal, complete with (2) All-Fill model B-400 auger fillers, All-Fill Cerebus controllers, new in 2000. Filling system includes roll-stock feed system and heat sealing jaws. CTC touch screen controller mounted on skid. Good condition.

New Price: $29,500

Spice & Powder Processing & Packaging Equipment:

C741903 Capper, Kaps-All, Mdl B, Snap Cap, With Cap Feeder,
S742214 Capper, Pack West, Rotary Royal 8, Chuck Capper,
C741912 Capper, Resina, Mdl SN-51, 110mm caps, Chuck type,
C741910 Capper, Resina, Mdl S-30, 76mm caps, Cap Feeder,
S742206 Cartoner, Adco, Mdl 12WA-175-SS, S/st, Carton Sleever,
C741913 Case Sealer, Elliott, Mdl HMT-MINI, Hot Glue, Coder
C741917 Conveyor, Belt, 4-1/2 x 11', Inclined, Cleats, S/st Hopper,
S742209 Detector, Metal, 12 x 4, Goring Kerr, Mdl DSP-2, Conveyor,
S742033 Filler, Bag, Packer, Durant, Mdl 100, C/st,
S742032 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl CR, C/st,
S742035 Filler, Bag, Packer, Stoker, Mdl DX, C/st,
S742210 Filler, Carton, 4-Head, Rotary, Hand Pack, S/st, Glue,
S742207 Filler, Form,Fill&Seal, All Fill, Horizontal, Pouches, A
S742034 Filler, Supersack, C/st, Bulk Bag, Digital Scale, Hooks,
S742170 Grinder, Roller, Gump, Mdl 88, C/st,
C741919 Labeler, GEI Burt, Roll Thru, Can, 8-1/2 Feed,
S742211 Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Kosme, Front & Back, S/st, 
C741907 Mill, Attrition, 16, Krupp, Mdl 16409, 5 HP,
S742029 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 30 HP,
S742030 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP,
S742028 Mill, Hammer, 18 Dia, Jacobson, Air Swept, 50 HP
C741908 Mill, Hammer, Schutz O'Neil, Mdl 422222, Air Swept, 100 HP,
C741915 Mill, Lump Breaker, 36 x 30 x 20, S/st, Cage Mill, 5 HP,
C741906 Mill, Roll, 4 x 36, Ocrim, Cracking Roller Mill, 20 HP,
C741900 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-4200-D, S/st, Choppers, 150 HP, (2)
C741899 Mixer, Littleford, FKM-3000-D, S/st, (4) Choppers, 100 HP,
S742236 Sealer, Induction, AutoMate, Mdl AM-250, S/st, Portable,
S742208 Sealer, L-Bar, Eastey, Mdl EMI622T, With Shrink Tunnel
S742027 Screen, 36 X 36, S/st, 6-Deck, 3 HP, Gyratory,
C741916 Screen, Rotex, 40 x 10', S/st, Single Deck, Mdl 42A-AL/SS
C741901 Screen, Vibratory, 36, Great Western, Mdl 221, S/st,
S742062 Separator, Cyclone, 24 X 52, C/st,
S742093 Separator, Cyclone, 13 X 36, C/st, Airlock,
C741904 Sorter, Bottle, Orienter, Nalbach, Mdl Necosort 36 BHS,
C741909 Sorter, Cap, Unscrambler, Omega, Mdl 3D-JH, Elevator,
C741911  Table, Accumulation, 60, S/st, Mild Steel Frame,
S742235 Table, Accumulation, 42, S/st, Raised Edges,
S742095 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 12, Rotolok,
S742084 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 8, C/st, 1/3 Hp,
S742080 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 8, C/st, Blower Application,
S742083 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 8, C/st, Kice,
S742082 Valve, Rotary, Airlock, 8, C/st, Pfening, 
S742212 Washer, Bottle, McBrady, Orbital Washer, Mdl 200,
S742213 Wrapper, Overwrapper, PMI, S/st, Shrink Tunnel

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