New low prices on all Casks!

Due to Brexit and better pricing from our 
 manufacturer we are now able to offer 
 great new prices on all casks.

New low pricing on:

New pins and firkins
1-8 $140ea
9-16 $135ea
17-32 $130ea

Reconditioned 12 gal. casks
1-8 $90 ea
9-16 $85ea
17-32 $80ea
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Imported from the home of cask ale, England.

10% off all Handpumps 
until 12/31/16

Here's a chance to SAVE 10% on all Angram beer engines 
until 12/31/16

Angram are the leading manufacturer of beer engines 
in the UK and  UK Brewing is proud to be their
North American distributor for over the past 15 years.
U se code BREWTOPIA when placing your order to SAVE 10% on any and all engines.

Click here to order.

Perfect Kegerator for use with our
Caskerator kit

Many of you know, we offer the  Caskerator Kit
as a complete solution to offering cask ale.

Up until this point we have only been able to suggest kegerators that are suitable to use with the kit.
Now we can sell a kegerator that works perfectly.  
 A digital controller sets the exact temperature  for the dispense 
of cask ale.
For more information and to order click here 

Instructional Videos - 
What would you like to see?
Keep it clean!

On the UK Brewing website we have a number of instructional videos to help you serve cask ale at the highest quality.
If you haven't seen the videos click  here.
We would like to know is there are any cask issues that are not covered that you would like to see.
Please email me at with your ideas
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