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June 2021
ROCIS Champions Tell Their Stories
See what happens when the veil is lifted on Pittsburgh's awful air...

ROCIS has developed a short video series capturing the experiences of 5 of our local Pittsburgh air quality champs. By using low cost monitoring to emphasize the impact of outdoor air quality on indoor exposure, these homeowners have taken personal action to improve indoor air quality for themselves and their families. The videos are designed to raise awareness of the problem that is Pittsburgh's poor air quality, and to encourage individuals and initiatives to take steps to reduce the adverse effects.

The videos are ready to view at the ROCIS Youtube channel and will soon be launching in sync with our new website. Stay tuned for more!
Join a ROCIS Low Cost Monitoring Project Virtual Cohort!

Kits will be delivered to participants via a no contact exchange - either door to door or via mail. The kit includes monitors for particles, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and radon. During the one-month-long cohort, participants monitor their indoor and outdoor air, and receive weekly feedback on their results. During the monitoring period, ROCIS participants can test the effectiveness of ROCIS-loaned equipment, including portable air cleaners and DIY filter fans. The virtual format has increased the convenience of participating through:

  • No travel requirements (All meetings are online!)
  • Flexible meeting times (There are two weekly online ROCIS meetings, each with the option of attending in the morning or evening)
  • Shorter & more frequent meetings
  • Opportunity for more household members to participate (Kids are welcome!)

Over the course of the virtual cohort, the ROCIS team covers a wide range of topics including:
  • Air quality in Pittsburgh (and elsewhere)
  • Accessing and interpreting air quality monitoring results
  • Technical interventions to improve indoor air quality
  • Behavioral interventions to improve indoor air quality
  • Resources to learn about local outdoor air quality
  • Health impacts of air quality

Interested in participating in a ROCIS virtual cohort?
Sign up for an introductory info webinar on either Monday, 6/28 7 PM or Tuesday 6/29 10:30 AM.

You can complete the LCMP Interest Survey here.

Contact Emily Dale at
Have you ever wondered what type of impact Pittsburgh's poor air quality can really have on daily life?
Former LCMP participant and air quality advocate Susan sat down for a personal & entertaining documentary with the nationally syndicated Outside/In Radio and explained her history with the region's all but inescapable airborne pollution, which aired PRX in early June 2021. The piece also features ROCIS & other regional air quality experts. It covers topics of family health, social equity & respiring in Pittsburgh's industry-driven airshed.

Listen to Susan's story here: 
Thanks to The Heinz Endowments for support of the ROCIS initiative. 
(Reducing Outdoor Contaminants in Indoor Spaces)