November 2017
The holiday season can often be a hectic time - both at the office and at home. To ensure a comfortable holiday and winter season, you'll want to schedule a  maintenance appointment with  Air Temp Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.  for your system. This time of year is also a great opportunity to create energy savings for your facility or possibly even start an action plan for the New Year!

Dimes to Dollars: Energy Saving Tips That Add Up
Small energy-efficiency investments can add up to big benefits for your business! Even the simplest tasks can result in significant savings. Learn how you can start to follow the energy trail and save money with these 10 tips...

Winter Safety Tips For Your Workers And Facility
Plan ahead this winter season so that you'll be ready when conditions start to get dicey! R egardless the size or type of workplace you manage, m aintaining a safe work environment this season is important. Check out these proactive steps you can start taking today...

Efficient buildings are less likely to default in their  mortgages than their money energy-intensive peers.

A study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley, reviewed mortgage default rates and energy performance in six major metro areas. It found that commercial buildings with higher energy consumption or higher energy costs had a higher default rate than more energy-efficient buildings.

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Advances in technology, the growing construction industry, and government incentives are all trends that are driving the HVAC market to new heights. It is predicted that by 2022 the HVAC  systems market will  be worth more than 173.16 billion. 

Source: ABNewswire

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