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May 2020 Customer Newsletter
CEC can help you stay safe and connected, whether you're working remotely or on the frontlines of COVID-19. 
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Is Nurse Call Part of Your Test & Inspect Program?

Regular testing and inspection of your nurse call system can pinpoint problems before they impact care or productivity – whether it’s a patient who can’t hear the TV, a nurse who isn’t being informed when a patient presses the call button … or something more critical.
WEBINAR - COVID-19: Implications for Nurse Call: June 3

Discover how nurse call and RTLS technology can facilitate communication between patients and clinicians while supporting physical distancing. We’ll walk through ways to reconfigure hardware to accommodate more patients and ventilators and allow for quick identification of patient status.
Meet Executive Director of Healthcare Sales Mandy Schneiker

Mandy understands the ins and outs of mobile communication platforms, fall management solutions, nurse call systems, RTLS, and more – and how they can be used to improve staff productivity and the patient experience.
WEBINAR - Futureproofing IT Infrastructure with Scale Computing: J une 11

Join Scale Computing to learn how organizations are doing more IT with less infrastructure and less complexity using Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HC3). Find out why virtualization doesn’t need to be complex, inefficient, or costly when you adopt a modern, innovative architecture.
WEBINAR - Endpoint Protection for Remote Workers: June 23

Now that many are working from home, endpoint protection is even more important. How can it beef up security? How is it different from what you deploy within your corporate walls? We’ll also discuss remote-access options. (There are many levels between "no access" and "connected to everything.")
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