08/22/2021| Issue 22
Welcome Back to School

Principal's Message
Our first week was amazing, and I am thrilled we have started off our school year smoothly. It has been great to see our students back on campus and to have the opportunity to visit with parents at Back to School Night. We are blessed to have a group of enthusiastic students and a very supportive parent team. The staff and I are confident that we will continue to learn and accomplish great things together as we live out our school theme this year, and "Run with Endurance."
Please review the COVID Safety Plan on our website.

Highlights From Our Week
We had a wonderful first week of school with your children. The children had a great time starting to learn the routines of Kindergarten and discovering all the fun things that are involved in school.
This past week we focused on our outdoor program. We talked in class about the life cycle of frogs and discussed the five different types of frogs that could be found in our creek. When we went outside we found lots of frogs, catching at least twenty-five of them over the course of the week! We did release them safely. After only a few short days of frog exploration, the students were able to talk about the habitats of the frogs and what they would need to survive. Every month we will work on a new animal group. The students have really enjoyed this first set about frogs.This upcoming week we are going to be working on adding math and language arts to the day. You will get a folder on Friday with the work that has been accomplished. I wish you all a wonderful week!
1st & 2nd
Highlights From Our Week
We got off to a good start of the year in first and second grade. Our focus this first week was getting to know each other, practicing procedures, and learning through stories, art, and outdoor time. On Friday, the kids painted on their real canvas boards after practicing earlier in the week. We can't wait to reveal our final products soon!

  • Some students were disappointed they couldn't get in the water because they didn't have boots or water shoes. Please send a pair to school so that your child can have as much fun as possible when outdoors.
  • Please save empty toilet paper cardboard rolls and send them to class with your child. I would like to use them for a project in class in a couple weeks or so.

3rd & 4th
Highlights From Our Week
My students entered our jungle-themed classroom on Tuesday, ready to see new and returning friends and explore the third and fourth grades. This week we dedicated a lot of time to learning about classroom procedures and getting to know each other better through different games and activities. One of the highlights of the week was our “Great Cookie Dunk” where the students learned about the scientific method and predicted whether different kinds of cookies would sink or float. The class enjoyed making hypotheses about which cookies would float and why and then eating a cookie afterwards. We are looking forward to exploring and learning together this year.

  • Please have your child bring headphones to use with his/her chrome book.
  • Please purchase rubber outdoor boots for your child and label them. These will be kept at school to use for outdoor education class and gardening class. Students without boots will be unable to participate in these classes until they have them.
  • Your child's folder will come home every Monday with any finished work from the previous week. Please keep the work and return the folder on Tuesdays.
5th - 8th

Highlight From Our Week
What a fantastic first week of school we had! Mr. Lane and I loved being back with all of our students from last year and meeting all the new ones who joined our middle school family. This week we did a lot of icebreaker and team building activities. Here are some pictures to share a few highlights.

  • Please remember to go over the school handbook and 5-8 syllabus with your child. Both parent and child need to sign the attached forms and turn it in to us asap.
  • There will be a spelling test every Friday, unless specifically told otherwise. Please be sure your child studies for it ahead of time. They will be given a new word list every Monday.
  • A half sheet with your child’s usernames & passwords to log into their chrome book and other computer programs will be sent home on Monday.

Upcoming Events
  • August 29 - Fall School Picnic on RAA Campus (School Day)
  • September 6 - Labor Day (No School)
  • October 21 - Half Day of School
  • October 22-25 - Fall Break (No School)
  • October 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)
  • October 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences Continued (Half Day)
  • November 7 - Fall Festival at Rio Lindo Academy Campus