08/29/2021| Issue 23
Enrichment Classes Started!
Principal's Message

Greetings RAA Family and Friends,
“With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26, each day I am reminded that, there is no need to fear, as long as we cling to the Lord in faith.. We face challenges daily and holding onto the promises in God’s word is what will help us be overcomers.
We have started this past week with our enrichment classes, Music, Spanish, Outdoor Learning and Gardening. It was so good to see our teachers and students all engaged in learning. We are thrilled to see our students grow academically, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.  We are going into this new school year strong and by God’s grace we will end strong. Pray for us at Redwood Adventist Academy, like all other institutions, we also face challenges and sometimes must make difficult decisions. 
Thank you for your support and your continued dedication,

Shaun Lazarus

Please review the COVID Safety Plan on our website.

Highlights From Our Week

We had a great week this past week in our classroom. We have started full into Math and Handwriting, with Language Arts to start this coming Monday. Students have done very well working on Frog Jump Capitals (F, E, P, and D) as well as writing and counting objects from 1-4.
At the creek we have continued to discuss the habitats of the frogs around us, as well as the crayfish that are sometimes found in the creek. Mrs. Ari and the students found a crayfish this week and as a class we worked on science standard S.K-2.LS.7. This standard relates to comparing animals in the same or different habitat. We compared the crayfish habitat with that of a frogs habitat. The students had a blast once they realized the crayfish wouldn’t hurt them.
I apologize for not getting folders to you on Friday. We have them ready to go so next Friday you will get two weeks’ worth of work!
Lego Club Starting Soon!
September 15 @ 3:30 p.m.
For more information contact Mr. VandeVere at steven.vandevere@nccsda.com
1st & 2nd
Highlights From Our Week

For week two we continued to focus on getting to know each other and practicing procedures, but added enrichment classes to our schedule. Redwood is blessed to have such rich learning opportunities! This week we focused on making connections between art, math, music, engineering, and architecture. The students learned about artist Piet Mondrian and how he used primary colors and balance to create abstract art before they created their own piece of art. We read Iggy Peck Architect and watched a video on architecture. On Friday we made connections from different disciplines as the students learned about world -famous architectural landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty and the Pyramids and how architects combine art, math, and engineering to create building designs. Students received their own personal bag of Lego bricks with excitement as they were challenged to create a space they would like to live in. The students in the first and second classroom at Redwood are one creative bunch of students!


  • The plan for this week is to ramp up to our full academic load so expect to see homework starting to come home Monday or Tuesday night. Please be extra encouraging and patient with your children as we transition to a more rigorous schedule. A new grade, a new teacher, Covid, smoke, and all the other stressors of life are challenging, but many have shown they are ready for more demanding work.
  • Several kids have asked about computers. Mr. Lazarus will be obtaining computers soon so that every student in our class may have their own to access online curriculum support.
  • Please send boots to school for your child if you haven't already.
  • Please send extra masks to school for your kids. Sometimes their bands break and we only have adult-sized masks in the classroom.

3rd & 4th
Highlights From Our Week

What are the characteristics of all living things? This is a question third and fourth graders examined as they explored the creek area for examples of living and nonliving things. Each group of students explored every specimen within their hula-hoop and then drew and labeled a picture of what they found. The kids found plenty of frogs to include in their drawings, even though they hopped out of their hula-hoop areas before the kids were finished. The class stayed busy inside and outside of the classroom this week.


  • Third graders and fourth graders who still need practice memorizing their multiplication facts will be bringing home multiplication cards to study each week. Please have your child keep these cards in his/her backpack at all times so that I can switch out the facts and add new ones as needed.
  • Please remember to send your child a set of headphones to keep at school to use. 
  • We are still looking for small toy donations for our classroom store. Thank you to Kingston’s and Aislinn’s families for already donating! The kids are really excited about purchasing these things from our store once they earn enough beads.
5th - 8th
Highlight From Our Week

The second week of school was very busy for all of us. We started hitting the books and getting to work. The kids have done a great job overall keeping up with the rigorous schedule. Here are some pics of a couple of activities the kids participated in.

  • Please remember to go over the school handbook and 5-8 syllabus with your child. Both parent and child need to sign the attached forms and turn it in to us asap.
  • There will be a spelling test every Friday, unless specifically told otherwise. Please be sure your child studies for it ahead of time. They will be given a new word list every Monday.
  • Social Studies Chapter 14 test for grades 5-8 on Friday, Sept 3.

Upcoming Events
  • August 29 - Fall School Picnic on RAA Campus (School Day)
  • September 6 - Labor Day (No School)
  • September 15 - Lego Club Starts
  • October 21 - Half Day of School
  • October 22-25 - Fall Break (No School)
  • October 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)
  • October 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences Continued (Half Day)
  • November 7 - Fall Festival at Rio Lindo Academy Campus
  • November 19 - No Aftercare
  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
Redwood Harvest Store is back!
An order for Veggie Food will be placed as soon as $2000 in orders have been received.
Orders may be placed for full cases of veggie food only at this time.
Please call Redwood Adventist Academy at 707-545-1697
for more information or to place orders.