9/28/2021| Issue 26
Principal's Message

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!” Ps. 107:1

It is always a time of emotion when we can be a witness when a student accepts to follow Christ with their decision to be baptized. We were blessed to have witnessed the baptism of Brandon Manzano by his teacher, Brian Lane as he publicly committed to follow Christ and be baptized. All heaven rejoiced with Brandon’s decision and so did we, at Redwood. We continue to pray for Brandon as he follows God’s calling and walks with Christ.

At Redwood we are always thrilled to accept volunteers and this Sunday we are glad that Rio Lindo Adventist Academy students were able to volunteer their time at Redwood. Thank you to our sister school and we appreciate your passion to serve. May God continue to bless you as you journey to Learn, Serve and Lead.

Shaun Lazarus

Brandon with friends from RAA.
Brandon with most of the staff from RAA.
Rio worked hard to beautify our campus.
Many hands make light work. Thanks, Rio!
Week of Prayer Starts Monday
Every morning this week from 8:45 - 9:15 Redwood Adventist Academy will meet under the tent for a special week of prayer. Our own Mrs. Lane will lead us song with her special blend of contagious enthusiasm and ukulele harmony, followed by a guest speaker who will serve us some spiritual thoughts to enrich our minds. Parents are invited to spend this time with us under the tent each morning. Please be sure to send jackets with your kids as the mornings are getting cooler and we want them to be able to enjoy this special week!

School Photos Coming Soon!

Pick out those outfits and
schedule those haircuts! Picture day is coming to Redwood Adventist Academy on October 4.
Please review the COVID Safety Plan on our website.
RAA Reads!
Please help our school purchase new high-interest books from Scholastic through our RAA Reads Fundraiser. All of the donated money will go towards putting new, high quality books in our individual classroom libraries.

A very special thanks to the Sawatzky family for donating to this campaign! Books for the 7th/8th grade classroom will be purchased with this money.

Click on the link below to check out our campaign.

Highlights From Our Week

Hello Parents,
I am very pleased to let you all know that all of our Kindergarteners did wonderfully on their Math and Language Arts Assessments. They completed all their required tasks and are continuing to work hard and show an eagerness to learn. We are ready to start Chapter 3 in Math, which is Counting and Writing Numbers 6-10. In Language Arts we will start working on letter Tt. Please work with your child on letter recognition and the pronunciation of the letters we have already done. The more practice each student has the more it will become ingrained in them.
For our garden time this week we planted onions and were able to pick strawberries. The students have excelled in learning how to plant different plants, and how to pick things that are ripe whiling leaving other things that are not ready.
Language Arts letters: Ll, Oo, Hh, Gg
Math #’s that have been learned - 1-5
Lego Club & Video Club
Meeting is on September 29, this coming Wednesday from 3:30-4:15.
For more information on the Lego club contact Mr. VandeVere at steven.vandevere@nccsda.com
For more information on the Lego club contact Mrs. Campbell at ecampbell@weloveredwood.com
1st & 2nd
Highlights From Our Week

  • Good news! We made it through testing week. Sure we had a few glitches, but we're done! And I was surprised at how many students said they enjoyed the tests. Thanks to all the parents who did testing from home. Testing was done during math time, so the focus for math this week was the topic of telling time. The kids are getting the hang of it. With a little more practice we'll have some quick time-tellers. Phonics work this week went well. Both grades had a day or two with no homework due to having an assessment or completing the whole lesson in class. Friday was "The Marble Jar Party." I'd say it was a success. It's amazing what a few balloons, a nature documentary, 12 bags of popcorn (Yes, twelve!), matching t-shirts, hats, and an extra recess can do! Actually, we had a fairly elaborate spread of snacks that everyone in our class could eat. Fun was had by all! This week our class continued learning about the musical staff during Mrs. Wright's music class which we are privileged to have twice a week. Outdoor education continued this week as well as Spanish twice during the week. These are a fortunate group of kids! Another week for the books and another week of growth for us all.


  • Week of Prayer: Please make sure your child is on time for school this week and arrives with a jacket because week of prayer will be under the tent every morning from 8:45 - 9:15. Fall is here and mornings can be chilly!
  • Water Bottles: Please send water bottles every Monday to be used for the week. The office is no charging 25 cents for cups because so many kids are forgetting their water bottles.
  • Fall Festival is coming up! Thank you to Faith Cochran for getting the ball rolling on that. If you would like to help out please contact Faith or me.
  • Grade 2 Spelling: A paper copy of the list was sent home Thursday evening. If it didn't make it home, not to worry. A list will be emailed Sunday night. Test will be Thursday.
3rd & 4th
Highlights From Our Week

This past week the third and fourth graders gave presentations on the characteristics and life cycles of a variety of species, sharing cool facts about everything from Red Pandas to Scorpions. After learning about the different categories of living things and how we classify them, the children worked to create either a google slide presentation or a poster to share with the class. The class worked diligently on their presentations, and some of them even requested to use recess time to continue their projects. All of their research and hard work paid off, and they had a great time watching each other present their projects during science last week.


  • Please make sure your child brings back his/her water bottle every Monday to keep at school for the week. 
  • Your child will bring home his/her work folder every Monday. Please look over your child’s work and return the folder with your child on Tuesday morning.
  • The kids had a blast purchasing items from our classroom store on Friday. Thank you for donating items to make our store possible. We are always accepting more donations to keep our store stocked and keep the kids excited about earning beads to use at the store.
  • If your child has been given multiplication flashcards, please send back their flashcard container on Monday so that I can add their next set of facts.
5th - 8th
Highlight From Our Week

Boy are we glad this week is over. MAP testing for three days can be quite the challenge, especially if the internet does not want to cooperate. However, we made it through, and it will be nice to get back to our regularly scheduled program. ☺ The blessings of this week is that we have outdoor education and band to give the kids’ brains a break from the rigor of testing. Here are some pictures of our students in action!


  • We have had another huge success this past week with our pizza fundraiser! Thank you to all the parents and students for your continued support. We want to thank Clery for the plates and napkins, Elisa for the cuties, Laura for the chips, Victoria for the Oreos, Jennifer for the Caprisuns, Asvi & Amalia for the monetary donation, and Nicholas and his company, Benchmark Builders, for donating and delivering the pizza. God is truly blessing this class!
  • If you have not filled out and signed the permission form for Sports Camp and/or turned in the $10 fee, please do so as soon as possible.
Upcoming Events
  • September 29 - Lego Club & Video Club
  • October 4 - Picture Day
  • October 21 - Half Day of School
  • October 22-25 - Fall Break (No School)
  • October 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)
  • October 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences Continued (Half Day)
  • November 7 - Fall Festival at Rio Lindo Academy Campus
  • November 19 - No Aftercare
  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
  • December 11- Christmas Program 6pm
  • December 17 - No Aftercare
  • December 20-31 - Christmas Break
Redwood Harvest Store is back!
An order for Veggie Food will be placed as soon as $2000 in orders have been received.
Orders may be placed for full cases of veggie food only at this time.
Please call Redwood Adventist Academy at 707-545-1697
for more information or to place orders.