9/5/2021| Issue 24
Principal's Message

Hello Redwood Families,

We have successfully passed through three weeks of school, and we are finally settling down to a routine. Last Sunday was our school picnic, which was exciting and full of fun. We were so glad to see over 85% of our parents turn up for the event. It was a time for us to reconnect and build relationships.

We are still facing challenges with the COVID Delta variant as this presents health and safety issues for educational institutions like ours. We humbly request that you follow all communication from our office and to constantly remind your child/children to adhere to the Covid protocol whenever they are outside of the home.

Thank you and we look forward to many more successful and blessed weeks ahead of us. Have and awesome Labor Day weekend with your loved ones.


Shaun Lazarus

Great Turnout at Redwood Picnic!
Snow Cones & Watermelon
Parents Get Pelted
Ready for Customers
[Turtle Races]
Who Can Toss the Farthest?
1st/2nd Prepare to Pelt Teacher
Ms. Teresa Gets Wet!
Kindergarten Hunts
3rd/4th Balloon Competition
Please review the COVID Safety Plan on our website.
RAA Reads!
At Redwood Adventist Academy, we know the importance of putting great books in the hands of our students in order to inspire lifelong readers. Please help our school purchase new high-interest books from Scholastic through our RAA Reads Fundraiser. All of the donated money will go towards putting new, high quality books in our individual classroom libraries. The students will help choose the books we purchase. We know the magic of reading is not found on a worksheet, and instead is discovered when students get lost in a book and can’t put it down. Please help us fill our classroom libraries with books that inspire and entertain our kids. Click on the link below to check out our campaign.

Highlights From Our Week

I wanted to quickly say thank you to all of you for working with us as we navigate another COVID school year. I will send you an email update regarding our week this evening so you have updated information.
This week we were very thankful to have Mrs. Wright come and share music class with us. We have been learning about notes, rhythms, beats, and a variety of different songs. Students have even been learning some songs in Spanish. We are so thankful for the time she comes and spends in our classroom with us. Our picture today shows her working on standard FA.K.M.3 which refers to students generating musical ideas, like notes.
Below are the letters and numbers we have worked on this year. This list will be updated weekly. Please practice these with your child. If you need any ideas on how to best help your child with these please let me know.
Letters and their sounds that we have learned: Ll and Oo
Numbers we are working on: 1-5
Lego Club Starting Soon!
September 15 @ 3:30 p.m.
For more information contact Mr. VandeVere at steven.vandevere@nccsda.com
1st & 2nd
Highlights From Our Week

  • Week three was a challenging week. We added our full fledged math curriculum and phonics program. For math we are using a standards-based / group learning approach. So far, so good. The students seem to be engaged and enjoying it. On Friday the students learned that engineers use science and math to solve problems. Engineers also build and test things and each time they re-design it, the solution can get better. The students were challenged to build a candy structure strong enough to hold a book using gummy candies and toothpicks. They learned that triangles are give more support than squares. The was one tasty science project!


  • Thank you to parents who are making kind donations to our classroom. You know who you are. This week we received a large and colorful pack of a variety of sizes of dry-erase markers. We also received a package of child-sized masks. Thank you! If another parent or two could send more masks it would help when masks get wet or dirty.
  • Please send boots to school for your child if you haven't already.
  • Not official homework, but PLEASE practice addition facts that sum 10. Make it fun with an online game, family quiz, etc. It will make their work at school faster and more enjoyable. Be patient if they don't get them right away. Short and consistent wins over long and laborious every time!
  • Note: phonics homework will only be going home Monday -Thursday as we do not have phonics on Friday.
3rd & 4th
Highlights From Our Week

How can the structure of living things help them survive? The third and fourth grade class explored this question when designing paper gliders with construction paper, tape, and straws in science class. Students used what they knew about birds as their models and adapted their gliders after each test flight. After trial and error, the class learned that the weight, shape, and wing size all affected the success of their flights. In the next few weeks, the class will be learning about other important animal and plant adaptations and the role they play in their ecosystems.


  • Third graders and fourth graders who still need practice memorizing their multiplication facts will be bringing home multiplication cards to study each week. Please have your child keep these cards in his/her backpack at all times so that I can switch out the facts and add new ones as needed.
  • Your child should have brought home a list of their spelling words and memory verses for the quarter. If you did not get these, please let me know and I will send home another one or email you a digital copy.
  • Please remember to send your child a set of headphones to keep at school to use. 
  • We are still looking for small toy donations for our classroom store. The kids have given me ideas of small toys or items they like off of Amazon, and they have been faithfully doing their class jobs and doing their work to earn beads to spend. Thank you for the donations we have received so far. I would like to open our class store next Friday, and we could still use more donations to help make our store a success.
5th - 8th
Highlight From Our Week

Another busy week for the kids! We thank you for your continued support as our middle schoolers learn to transition into their new grade level and the rigorous work they are asked to do. Here is a fun science experiment that Mr. Lane did with the 5-8 this week, demonstrating the effectiveness of different kinds of masks.


  • Our pizza fundraiser was a great success this past week! A big thank you to all the kiddos who bought pizza, Raquel for the money and chips, Kaitlyn for the plates and juice, Sarah for the money and fruit cups, Tami for the money, and Nelson for the money (as well as the pledge of future contributions). We also want to say a big thank you to Nicholas for picking up the pizzas for us and for his company, Benchmark Builders, who will be sponsoring the class and therefore will be paying for the pizza for all of our fundraisers this year! We are blown away by everyone’s generosity and can’t wait to take the kiddos on a super fun class trip at the end of the school year!

Upcoming Events
  • September 6 - Labor Day (No School)
  • September 15 - Lego Club Starts
  • October 21 - Half Day of School
  • October 22-25 - Fall Break (No School)
  • October 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences (No School)
  • October 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences Continued (Half Day)
  • November 7 - Fall Festival at Rio Lindo Academy Campus
  • November 19 - No Aftercare
  • November 22-26 - Thanksgiving Break
Redwood Harvest Store is back!
An order for Veggie Food will be placed as soon as $2000 in orders have been received.
Orders may be placed for full cases of veggie food only at this time.
Please call Redwood Adventist Academy at 707-545-1697
for more information or to place orders.