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Your generous contributions helped us reach
our 2021-22 goal of $1.2 million, allowing us
to support academics, arts and athletics
for ALL Redwood Students!
Below are just a few highlights of what we were able to fund this year. 
• Benchwarmers funding to support the needs of all 45 Redwood sports teams
• Guest teachers and performers and a technology upgrade for the Music department
• Guest artists and directors, portable digital mixer, microphones and high definition projectors for the Drama department
• College field trips, graduation stoles and class supplies for the AVID class
• New kilns and pottery wheels for the Pottery studio
• New furniture, laptops and laser printer for the Architecture studio
• Library aide to extend library hours
• Staff break room refresh and staff appreciation breakfasts
• Interns for the Wellness Center
• New score boards for three of the athletic fields
• 25 classroom microphone/amplification systems
• Sustainable Agriculture water catchment system
• And many more! Read our full list of grants funded on our website
We are beyond grateful to our donors for making these grants possible! On behalf of the students, teachers and staff that your gift supports,
Congrats Class of 2022!
Signs funded by the Foundation with artwork by senior, Keely Ganong.
Congratulations to all our Redwood graduates on their outstanding achievement and best wishes for what lies ahead!
Announcing the
On May 26th, the Foundation, along with SLAM students, presented Redwood Science and AP Bio teacher Amy Mastromonaco with the inaugural David J. Sondheim North Star Award! Over the past ten years, the Foundation has had a special partnership with principal Sondheim and has benefited from his guidance, energy and drive to make Redwood a better place for all students and the staff. To honor his legacy, the Foundation established this annual monetary teacher award and worked with SLAM students to define the award name, criteria and nominations.

Teachers that were nominated are those that stand out in one or more of the following areas:
1. Teachers who foster a supportive, respectful, and safe environment for all students and someone that goes out of their way to support students both in and outside the classroom. 
2. A teacher who recognizes and honors students' individual needs and learning styles
3. Teachers that adapt their lesson plans to stay culturally relevant and reflect current issues 

A GIANT congratulations to Amy Mastromonaco and to David Sondheim on his retirement!
Thank You to Our
Foundation Board!
Thank you to our entire 2021-22 Redwood Foundation Board with a special acknowledgement to our outgoing board members:
• David Sondheim
• Deb Cook
• Karol Towns
• Victoria Camelio
• Tracey Van Hooser
• Kristin Abbott
• Michele Barnes
• Jennifer Rasmussen
• Becket Colombo
We are grateful for everyone’s unwavering support and dedication to Redwood!
Vicki Strotz
Becket Colombo
Annual Giving Chairs
Victoria Camelio
Tracey Van Hooser
Deb Cook
& Social Media
Rebecca Caspersen
Academic Allocation
Jessica Edelen
Karol Towns
Kevin Vasquez
Scholarship Allocations
Bryn Argov
Rob Leonard
Community Partners
Michele Barnes
Linda Fassig-Knauer
Jennifer Rasmussen
Kristin Abbott
Maria Kallmeyer
Alumni Association
Ross Gondak
Marilee Rogers
David Sondheim
Development Director
Kathleen Chaput
We are looking for volunteers to share their time and talents to support the Foundation by joining the Annual Giving team or the Events Committee.

If you are interested, please email info@redwoodhsfoundation.org

Be sure to follow the Foundation on all of the social media platforms that you utilize to stay current on not only Foundation news, but also other important information and events happening at Redwood and the larger community. 
Funding Excellence in Academics, Arts and Athletics
To advance the quality of education at Redwood High School by providing the tools
to inspire and prepare Redwood students for their world in and beyond high school.