An Environmental Honor

Redwood Landfill is the proud recipient of the Marin Conservation League's  2018 John M. McPhail, Jr. Green Business Award!  The landfill won the award for "leadership in bringing sustainability to the business of waste  management and for practices that reduce impacts to climate change."

We take great pride and make significant investments to find and implement sustainable solutions to our operations. Last year alone, Redwood Landfill opened a new landfill gas to energy power plant, hosted a crucial real-world test for a hybrid heavy equipment machine and continued to produce OMRI certified compost that is used throughout out Marin and Sonoma counties to organically nourish vineyards and ranch lands.

We're thrilled to be recognized for our work! Thank you!
Fighting Contamination

There's been a lot of news lately about the future of recycling in the face of China's increasingly limited acceptance of certain recyclable goods. The best way to keep recycling sustainable is to ensure our communities are recycling right, and that includes the compost bin!

Service providers and government agencies understand the importance of education and recently pooled resources to develop an eight-page newspaper insert that can be used as a handy recycling right guide.

Redwood Landfill was happy to help create and sponsor this insert!
Our Gates Are Open To The Community
We consider hosting community organizations an integral part of our mission at Redwood Landfill. Informing our neighbors about what we do and how they can help keep Marin County clean and green is as important as ensuring our landfill and recycling center is safe and environmentally sustainable.

We enjoy hosting groups for tours and providing presentations about all the
work we do, including transforming Marin's food scraps and green waste into Homegrown Compost. Among the groups we recently hosted were the Leadership Novato Class of 2018 and environmental science students from Marin Catholic!

If you have a group that would be interested in visiting the landfill, please contact Alisha McCutcheon for more information.