For Immediate Release


ReefCI to launch
Belize Lionfish Jewellery at TIDE Fish Festival Sunday 12th Oct 14





ReefCI have expanded their Lionfish program to include a new initiative where we remove the fins and tails of the Lionfish and employ and empower local women to make Lionfish earrings!

Come see us at TIDE fish festival in Punta Gorda this Sunday.  Earrings will be selling at reduced show prices.


Belize Lionfish earrings will soon be available at major outlets in Belize.


The invasive Lionfish is a voracious predator, upsetting the fragile balance of our marine eco-system, potentially disastrous for the health of the coral reefs and marine species that we love!


Since the first Lionfish was found in Southern Belize in November 2009, ReefCI have been spearing them, removing them, dissecting them and taking valuable data. They have been fileting them, selling the meat to local restaurants and raising awareness with tourists and through local outreach programs.


Polly Alford, Founder of ReefCI said: 'I am very excited about this new project and I love the fact that we can now spear them, eat them and wear them!!! I am very happy for ReefCI to be able to help improve the lives of local women'




Contact: for further information about our jewellery and our ReefCI trips.