In October 2003, Polly wrote a business plan, sold her house and used her life savings to create ReefCI!  Since then, ReefCI and our guests have funded our programs.  But......NOW WE NEED SOME HELP!

We are using Crowd funding to help us get desperately needed new engines for our boat.  

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Here are the facts:


  • 50-70% of the Oxygen that sustains life on earth comes from coral reefs
  •  The Lionfish invasion is arguable the worse marine disaster in history
  •  Lionfish consume huge amounts of juvenile Parrotfish.  We NEED Parrotfish in order for our reefs to survive


  •  Parrotfish clean the reef of algae and produce sand


    • Removing 20 lionfish on a single dive equates to saving approximately 300,000 juvenile fish over a one-year period
    •  A single small lionfish may reduce the number of juvenile native fish on any given reef by approximately 79% in just 5 weeks
    • A female lionfish can release between 10,000 and 30,000 unfertilized eggs every 4 days year around, approximately 2 MILLION eggs per year
    • Studies have shown that lionfish can live without food for up to 3 months and only lose 10% of their body mass.
    • Over 200 million people totally rely on the oceans for their main source of income
    • The world trade in fish export is worth over $230 billion!
    • Over 1 billion people rely on fish as their main source of protein


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