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November 2011 


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Weems International Artfest

November 4 - 6, 2011

Albuquerque, NM

Expo New Mexico

New Mexico's most prestigious and exciting international art event,
Weems Artfest features over 279 artisans. It is a nationally recognized juried art event and is fun for the art collector and novice. There are educational activities for children and adults through Children's ArtsMart, artist's demonstrations, student art booths, and the inclusion of Albuquerque museums and various state and city philanthropic organizations.

WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo

November 10 - 13, 2011

Amarillo, TX

Civic Center

Every November, cowboys and cowgirls from across the US and Canada make their way to Amarillo to chase the title World Champion. This year's WCRR is sponsored by the Working Ranch Cowboy Association. Tickets are $16-24 for Thursday and $21-28 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Annual Yuletide Arts and Crafts Fair

November 25 - 27, 2011

Taos, NM

Discover unique crafts and artwork that aren't available anywhere else. The fair will feature jewelry, clothes, bags, artwork, furniture, edibles and gifts for all budgets. The proceeds from the artisan's rented tables and spaces in the venue go toward funding the Taos holiday decorations throughout the downtown area. It is part of the annual Yuletide in Taos community celebrations which run from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day.

River of Lights

November 26 - December 30, 2011

Albuquerque, NM

Botanic Garden

Enjoy the magic of hundreds of thousands of twinkling lights and dazzling holiday displays at New Mexico's largest walk-through light show! Each year's show unveils ingenious new sculptures and stunning displays made by ABQ BioPark artists and craftsmen. Tickets are $8 for adults and $4 for children ages 3 -12, children under 3 are free. Gates are open from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Winter Indian Market

November 26 - 27, 2011

Santa Fe, NM

Convention Center

The SWAIA Winter Indian Market, formally known as the "SWAIA Winter Showcase," is a yearly Native arts sale held during Thanksgiving weekend at the Santa Fe Convention Center. Like its summer counterpart, the Winter Indian Market hosts Native artists for a premiere Native art sale. It is an opportunity to buy authentic Native artwork directly from the artists. One noticeable difference, however, is its size. Rather than the 1100 artists selling artwork work during the summer Indian Market, only a select 130 artists are invited to participate in Winter Indian Market.

Winter Spanish Market

December 3 - 4, 2011

Santa Fe, NM

Convention Center

The Winter Spanish Market is an outgrowth of the famous Traditional Spanish Market, the oldest and largest in the U.S. The Winter Market will showcase the work of more than 100 Hispanic artists. Many pieces will have a Holiday theme and are perfect for your home, or to be given as gifts. The Winter Spanish Market will open officially at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning and remain open until 5:00 PM. 
There are many ways that you can offer more sustainable choices. 
Speak to your account manager to learn more.  You can also visit the following web sites to learn more about the importance of sustainability efforts.

We take food safety very seriously.

To ensure that you receive the safest fish and shellfish possible, we contract with NSF Cook and Thurber to perform independent third-party audits of our processes and procedures. The Food Safety, Quality and Food Defense Audit verified the effectiveness of our internal systems to produce safe products with an exceptional score of 94.27. Click here to learn more.

Packaging is done carefully and deliberately to ensure that your fish arrives safely and undamaged. We start with North Star salted flake ice. This ice is perfect for seafood, providing faster cooling with up to four times the amount of surface area of regular cubed or flaked ice. Further, the ice provides greater contact area and helps cushion the fish against damage. The fish is placed into a polybag and then into another polybag that has been filled with ice. These bags are taped or banded shut for additional tamper resistance. The bags are then placed into corrugated boxes made with post-consumer recylced materials and labeled to provide full traceability and quality assurance.

We have seafood experts available to take your order.  

Don't Forget...

Guy Fawkes day is November 5th.

Veteran's Day is November 11th.

Thanksgiving is November 24th.
To ensure product availability, place your orders early!


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Highlighting Local Chefs

Chef Marc Quinones

Chef de Cuisine 

Marc Quinones  


Bien Shur

9th Floor, Sandia Casino
30 Rainbow Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87113
(505) 798-3700

Bien Shur Logo


With a Puerto Rican heritage that has given him a passion for food, Marc Quinones has always wanted to be a chef. Growing up in the Bronx, New York City, Marc always loved eating and being around his mother when she was cooking for the family. He wanted to help in the kitchen as a child and his favorite dish to make was baked turkey wings. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to be a chef, and in high school he would go from the football field to Home-Ec. classes and cook food at barbeques. After high school, Marc started working in Manhattan in restaurants on the corporate side at numerous companies like Phillip Morris, where he advanced from working in the cafeteria to the executive dining room.


Marc then moved to Scottsdale where he graduated on the President's List from the Le Cordon Bleu program at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. After Scottsdale he worked at Jinja in Santa Fe before moving to Kona, Hawaii. He left Kona to move back to New Mexico so that he could be with his wife. When he moved to Albuquerque Marc wanted to work at Sandia Casino. He started there as a Buffet Chef, in which he managed over 100 people, and after 9 months was moved to Bien Shur where he has more creative freedom. He created a Spring/Summer menu that was well received and has just released the Fall/Winter menu. Marc wants Bien Shur to be known first and foremost for delicious food and for people to feel nourished. His hard work has paid off and he is gaining recognition. He has appeared on New Mexico Style four times, placed third in the Best Chef category in the Best of Albuquerque, and is featured in the November issue of Albuquerque the Magazine.


With people being so excited by food, Marc wants to serve people what they want to eat. He talks to his customers to find out what they want and works to make his food something familiar but far from ordinary. Marc wants to do something different and exciting and is always looking for something new and modern. He continually pushes himself to be more innovative, to evolve as a chef and to give food more depth. Paying respect to the main ingredient is the key to his cooking philosophy, and he focuses his Contemporary American cooking style and use of modern techniques on this. Marc is inspired by seasonality, and when creating a new menu or dish his focuses are seasonal, sustainable and local.


He is proud of staying true to what he believes in and his continual work to push himself. At home, Marc loves to cook Puerto Rican food with lots of fried food, rice and beans. His family is what is most important to him. He wants them to be proud and any and all free time he has is spent with his wife and kids. The driving force behind everything Marc does is his mother. Without her, he would not have the passion or inspiration that he has today. 


Visit Bien Shur

From the Creel

Domestic Caviar



Caviar is the salted eggs of sturgeon. There are about 26 different species of sturgeon in the family Acipenseridae, all found in the Northern Hemisphere. Caviar has been eaten for hundreds of years, with the first written record of caviar coming from Batu Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan, in 1240. The popularity of caviar has caused overfishing of sturgeon which, coupled with environmental issues, has led to sharp declines in wild populations. This happened in the U.S. in the 19th century and then in the Caspian Sea in the 20th century. As the Caspian Sea caviar of beluga, osetra and sevruga sturgeon developed a reputation for their quality and their populations dropped, regulations have been put in place governing the fishing and sale of these caviars. Caspian and Black Sea wild caviars from sevruga and osetra sturgeon have not had any quotas allocated for export for this year so no wild caviars from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran are available. While wild populations have declined, farm-raised caviar is gaining a reputation for its high quality, particularly when from sturgeon aquacultured in the U.S. White sturgeon is one of the most commonly aquacultured sturgeon species in the U.S., to which it is native. Seafood Watch rates U.S. farm-raised caviar as a "Good Alternative."


Caviar is prepared by removing the eggs from the fish, separating them from each other and then salting. While each species has its own flavor, caviar is known for the being delicate in texture and taste. The taste is so delicate that it may absorb a metallic taste from metal utensils, so it is recommended to use non-metallic utensils made from materials such as shell, mother of pearl or plastic. Caviar is a popular luxury food. It is a great item to serve at special occasions and for appetizers. As a basic rule of thumb, 1 ounce of caviar equals about 6 level teaspoon servings, 8 to 10 heaping � teaspoon servings, or about 20 small dollops on an appetizer.


Three great deals for caviar are farm-raised white sturgeon, golden osetra and Siberian sturgeon from Petrovich. White sturgeon is farmed in Northern California and has a wide color range from light brown to black. It has a mild nutty flavor. Golden osetra is farmed in several countries and has a beautiful gold color and a buttery taste. Siberian sturgeon is a preferred species for aquaculture due to its fast growth rate. It has smaller dark brown eggs with a firm texture and earthy taste. These caviars are available in 1 ounce jars.


For higher quality at a higher price point, Sterling caviar is available by special order. Sterling comes from farm-raised white sturgeon from Sacramento, California. Sterling Classic has small eggs with a nutty flavor and firm texture. Sterling Royal comes from more mature white sturgeon and tends to be larger and firmer eggs. They are available in 30g (1.058oz), 50g (6.764oz), 125g (4.409oz) and 250g (8.818oz) containers. Other imported caviars are available on a special order basis and paddlefish and hackleback seasons have just begun. Please contact your account manager for more information.

For more information visit our Caviar product sheet . 
Sustainable News

Marine Stewardship Council
 MSC Annual Report 2010/11
The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has released its annual report for 2010/2011. The report highlights how the MSC program is gaining traction and sustainability is developing, growing and working. Global annual sales of MSC labeled seafood were over $2.5 billion and around 6% of all wild caught seafood was MSC certified. During the year, over 70 fisheries entered assessment, and by the year's end 250 fisheries were engaged in some stage of the MSC assessment process, including 105 certified fisheries catching 56 species. Further, more than 1,600 companies, like Seattle Fish, in 80 countries have MSC Chain of Custody certification. Many retailers and suppliers are making commitments to carry MSC products and to promote sustainability. Restaurants are also joining the movement for sustainability. Globally, almost 100 restaurants are MSC certified, including 30 in the United States with 5 in Albuquerque. Even more encouraging, consumer awareness and understanding of the MSC is growing. While there have been many improvements, more remains to be done. To find out how you can help support sustainable efforts and programs like the MSC, talk to your account manager.

Download the MSC Annual Report 2010/11

More information about the MSC program is available on the Marine Stewardship Council website
Meet the Team


Quality Assurance Manager 

Mike Romero  


Mike Romero

The Quality Assurance Manager is a key position that addresses sanitation and HACCP paperwork and regulations. The position ensures all shellfish, FDA, city, state and other regulations are followed, and works with third party auditors, like NSF Cook and Thurber. Mike Romero accomplishes all of this with skill and diligence.


Born in Fresno, California, Mike moved to Albuquerque at a young age. He spent some time working in construction after high school. When he was between jobs, Mike took a position with Seattle Fish after walking in through the front door. He started packing fish. He worked hard and earned promotions, eventually moving to the Quality Assurance Manager position. Mike has been with Seattle Fish for 19 years and is a valued member of the team.


Mike feels that his biggest achievement is his family, and especially his marriage of 21 years. He is a father and has a 4 year-old grandchild. When he is not working, Mike enjoys family time including coaching his daughter's baseball team during the summer.


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Craig Risk


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