Issue - 1
10 July, 2018
Welcome to the inaugural issue of the
Refining Community Newsletter

This bimonthly newsletter will be another resource for shared knowledge and will feature blog articles, video blogs and other articles specific to each focus: delayed coking, fluid catalytic cracking, sulfur recovery, and the upcoming RefComm® events. Enjoy and Stay Safe!
Cleaning the Coke Drum Vapor Lines Pays

How long is your plant willing to wait to clean (a.k.a. decoke, line mole, hydroblast, or-- my personal favorite-- “Clean the Donut”) the drum vapor line? Determining the optimum frequency is site specific, but when we look at a few select factors...

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Sulfur Recovery: The Big Picture

If you’re in the refining business, you know that sulfur is a necessary component to processing oil. But there’s a lot about sulfur you may not know. Does the oil and gas industry profit from processing sulfur? Why is the EPA concerned about...

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Are You Operating As Safely As You Can Be?

Find out at RefComm® Valencia, where we explore refinery production goals, leading edge technology, environmental regulations, MARPOL specifications, revamps and maintaining equipment. RefComm is highly unit specific, spending two full days...

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Condensate Moss #3

Just out in the plant and I see a hazardous condition. A lot of people don't think it is, but it's where you have condensate go into the deck. It goes across to where it hits the storm water sewer. It causes a moss to grow.

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Optimizing the FCC Trinity: Crude Slate, Process...

A newly released refinery study from Nikhil Kaitwade, et al with Future Market Insights Global & Consulting Pvt Ltd,Pune, India, points to the market complexities Favoring FCC processing. The study elaborates on the latest dynamics pertaining to...

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Take Your Training to the Next Level

Take Your Training to the Next Level At RefComm Buenos Aires! Enhance your knowledge in delayed coking, sulfur recovery, and structural integrity at the premier conference & exhibition for safety, training, and technology in the refining community...

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