Issue 6
22 May, 2019
Interesting news, videos, and tidbits for the delayed coking,
fluid catalytic cracking, and resid hydrocracking industries
Enjoy and stay safe!
Bottom of the Barrel Conversions: What Does the Future Hold?

The abundance in liquefied natural gas (LNG), along with the change in ship bunker fuel sulfur allowance, has put a spotlight on bottom of the crude oil barrel. The world crude oil qualities and demands are constantly changing. Today, sweet crude today is far more abundant than it was 10 years ago.
Confessions of an FCC Operator

“The inlet to the fractionator was clogging from coke in the transfer line. We used a reflux line of naphtha to clean it.”
Exxon's Antwerp DCU Cuts Cleaner Fuel

Cokers are changing the availability of High Sulfur Fuel Oil (HSFO) in Europe. The launch of  ExxonMobil’s delayed coker at the 320,000 b/d  Antwerp refinery  in October 2018 has taken an estimated 200,000 mt/month of fuel oil out of the market. 
RefComm ® a Diamond of a Conference, says Oil & Gas Journal

The leading energy publication  Oil & Gas Journal  recently published a rave review of  RefComm Galveston , citing among its triumphs the conference’s “immersive experience for attendees,” the “intimate and thoughtfully chosen venue,” and the “intensive learning and networking activities” available to attendees. Click the link to read on and find out why you shouldn't miss the next RefComm!
The refinery industry has seen multiple incidents of loss of containment from the wrong metallurgy being in the wrong place. This presentation will explore several high-profile incidents from the refinery sector, with particular focus on delayed coking incidents. Recommendations to prevent such events at your plant will be provided. Positive Material Identification (PMI) is not just the job of the warehouse or inspector; it is everyone’s job.
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