10 Days of Reflection
& Performances
It’s the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipper, days of reflection for those that observe the Jewish high holidays.

For the past two decades, I have used the inspiration of these holidays to reflect on the past year and look at the upcoming year. Between these holidays, I journal, make lists and use project management tools to look at what’s been and work on what’s-a-coming! Last Saturday, I invited a few friends to do a beta test of a workshop that I’ve developed, called TAKING STOCK.

I was encouraged by how well it went and the feedback I’ve received; including some post workshop emails with participants noting that they have already moved forward with goals.

I’m thinking I might do a more public workshop in the next month. If you are interested, please let me know. Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

But meanwhile, here are some of MY goals for
The Marsh’s upcoming year.

1. Have a wonderful Marsh 30 th Anniversary year with great performances, a gala and special birthday events.

2. Work with our incredible staff and community to continually improve our systems and facility.

3. Plan, raise funds and produce The Marsh’s very solo performance/solo musical festival.

Goal 1: Great Performances!

Check out this week’s calendar of Marsh shows.


Don Reed’s THAT DON REED SHOW , Saturday and Sunday.
What a wonderful, fun and hilarious show. There’s nothing like a Don Reed show.

The first 5 to use the code Character get in for free!

Dan Hoyle’s BORDER PEOPLE back next Thursday after Dan performs this at the National Storytelling Festival where each year 11,000 people descend on tiny Jonesborough, Tennessee for the largest storytelling conference in the country. Go Dan!


Meanwhile, Don is not only performing, but producing Robert Townsend’s premiere Marsh solo performance, LIVING THE SHUFFLE , starting October 25. (Townsend wrote, directed, and produced HOLLYWOOD SHUFFLE , directed Eddie Murphy’s RAW and…and…and. What an artist!)

"Powerful and volatile. Dynamic!" - The Daily Californian

More great reviews for Lynne Kaufman’s WHO KILLED SYLVIA PLATH starring the inimitable Lorri Holt.
The first 5 to use the online code ARIEL can get a $10 off ticket.

Zappo Didio, HIPPIE KID ! Learn how Hippie parents gave Zappo his name. Or, his childhood memories of REIKI and toast in the commune kitchen. Come see him wrestle a bear during intermission!

The first 5 to use the online code Culture get $10 off ticket.

Here's to a reflective week bolstered by performance!

All my best,

Artistic Director/Founder

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unless specifically mentioned otherwise. Available only through online purchase.
Trinity's goal for the year is to become a pet food influencer! What's yours?
Now Playing at The Marsh
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Don Reed's

" Saturday Night Live said Don was "too white." An In Living Color exec said he wasn't "black enough." So, Don's doing his OWN damn sketch variety show! An evening of irreverent sketches, edgy stand-up, and music.

Through Oct 13
Saturdays at 8:30
Sundays at 5:30
Dan Hoyle's
Border People

No shows this weekend as Dan is off at the National Storytelling Festival.

He shall return next week!

Extended Through Nov 16
Thursdays at 8
Saturdays at 8
Sundays at 5
San Francisco
Lynne Kauffman's
starring Lorri Holt

Bay area phenom Lorri Holt IS Sylvia Plath! The late poet returns to her burial place in West Yorkshire to view the fourth replacement of her tombstone.

"Bravo! to Lorri Holt whose Plath is filled with human elation and heartfelt grief" - The Daily Californian

Through Oct 20
Saturdays at 5
Sundays at 5:30
Zappo Diddio's
Hippie Kid

Zappo’s solo performance covers a spectrum of his extraordinary life experiences.

From growing up as a kid in a hippie commune to his work with children in schools, hospitals, and orphanages, he peels into the rich fruits of joy and pain.

Through Oct 12
Fridays at 8
Saturdays at 8:30
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Coming Soon to The Marsh
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The Jap Box | Opens Oct 26

Japanese-American Magician David Hirata excavates the mysteries and stories of 'The Jap Box'.

Read more
The Designated Daughter - Victoria Podesta | Opens Oct 19

October 19 – November 2 | San Francisco Wednesdays at 8pm | Saturdays at 5pm Sundays at 2pm

Read more
Living the Shuffle | Opens Oct 25

Living the Shuffle is the amazing journey of actor, writer, director, and filmmaker, Robert Townsend. Townsend, a natural-born storyteller, takes you on a show biz rollercoaster ride.

Read more
Grandma and Me *

October 19 – November 23 | San Francisco

Read more