As the seasons change and our Covid world remains uncertain, we take comfort in considering where we've been and dreaming about who we might be next. This month's newsletter is full of dreams, reflections, and opportunities to learn with us.
"Would you take the off ramp out of the life you live and into the life you say you want?" asks Jennifer, writing about dreaming in good company and embarking on a new adventure in France.

Fred encourages us to reflect and slow down in a pair of blogs related to the upcoming Working Sabbatical workshop he'll lead with Diana Renner.

And John explores why the stakes for difficult conversations feel so high and previews some tools from Navigating Difficult Converations.
“You don’t always know exactly what to expect, but you know that everyone is bringing their best to that moment and so then what is created is something that is reflective of all of those bests coming together."

Jewel Kinch-Thomas and Greg Thomas of the Jazz Leadership Project joined Wendy to discuss how jazz can bring more than just metaphors to leadership development. Listen here.
"The linear approaches are genuinely slow and methodical, and we've missed our window for that. We now need lots and lots of experiments that need unpredictable results, hopefully in the positive direction."

Patrice spoke to Gideon Culman at Where Genius Grows about our favorite topic - complexity! Listen here.
Reflect on where you are in your life's story using this worksheet. In the accompanying video, Fred offers guidance and questions to deepen your reflection.
Join a 90-minute introduction to Circling, a way of intentionally enhancing depth of connection with Self and Other. Circling addresses what it means to remain present in moments when it is difficult or challenging to stay connected. Coaches, facilitators, leaders, and anyone in a relationship are likely to find Circling a useful tool.
23 September - 21 January

Are you ready to to build trusting relationships and manage conflict across cultural differences? Vernice Jones and Akasha created the Leading Inclusively Lab as a highly experiential, full immersion experience where you will learn to foster psychologically safe and developmentally appropriate spaces for people across multiple social identity and cultural differences.
9 October - 16 April

A sabbatical is a period of reflection, exploration, redefinition and renewal that may correspond with transitional periods in adult life. The “working” in this “working sabbatical” makes the experience inclusive of other responsibilities from which you cannot and should not remove yourself during this period of time. Whether you’re tired and burned-out or just have a spark of something else that you want to pursue, you can design your own working sabbatical with consultative support from your faculty guides Fred Jones and Diana Renner.
14 October - 9 December

Have you ever left a conversation and felt uneasy, wondering what the other person is really thinking or feeling, or telling yourself ‘I really messed that up’? Led by John Sautelle and Eleanor Reardon, this program is designed to help you feel less stressed and more confident, transforming 'difficult' conversations into ‘learning’ ones.
18 October - 10 January

Join Valerie Livesay and Zafer Achi on an outing to the theater of self and become acquainted with the full cast of characters that live within each of us. Using theater as a metaphor for exploring the multiplicity of one’s self invites participants to be on the stage, in the audience, and directing the scenes of self simultaneously.
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