Happy Holidays friends! Thank you for making this year so magical. I did a lot of growing and you hung in there with me and we are all so grateful for that. May your holiday bring you plenty of love and warmth. I look forward to more growth and health in the new year!    
This December We Focus On...

Reflections and Projections Time

Why Should You Care About Reflection and Projection?

Taking a look at your past year. Don't beat yourself up about it, just look at your highs and lows. Maybe get out a piece of paper and write it all down. Reflection helps us grow and gives us perspective that we may not have in the moment. 

We found a great video on Future Self vs. Present Self and commitment devices. Watch that first and then come back and try the next process: 

Try Reflective Writing using the Gibbs Reflective Cycle process. 
  1. Write down a description of what happened.
  2. Write what you were thinking and feeling.
  3. Evaluate what was good and bad about the experience.
  4. Write down what sense you could make of the situation.
  5. Write down what else you could have done.
  6. Finally, write an action plan detailing what you would do if it happened again. 
Read more about the process: 

dr. neale's blog: how i think.

Your Journey to Optimum Intake

"Is this healthy?"

I had to do a blog about this. It's something I've needed to put into words for awhile now. Hopefully this article will make more sense of my pauses or "hmm" or head scratching that I may do when you ask me the question: 

"Is this healthy?" I get asked this all the time, usually accompanied by a photo of a nutritional content label or the actual food item. Truth is: it's probably not if you have to ask. BUT, small caveat here, I'm a meet-you-where-you're-at kinda naturopath and I filter my response where each patient is in their journey to optimum health. I filter through each patient before answering. Any improvement in the eating habit du jour is fabulous in my book!  

I should also mention, "healthy" is defined differently based on source. For example, type in "good fats" online and there are "reputable" sources that say dairy and cheese are "extremely nutritious and healthy." It's all so overwhelming, especially the discrepancies you'll find out there. So it's no wonder you're confused! I am but one source that you hopefully will trust to give you the real skinny on healthy eating. Naturopaths tend to be more "finicky" or picky on what you allow into your body.   

Here's an attempt at a very simple explanation to all this (it's so much more complex!). We know that we can heal our bodies based on what we put in it or on it. So any improvement, no matter how small the shift, is a step in the right direction. I know change in any form is difficult, so I typically ask patients to follow the baby-steps method to get closer to optimum intake. 

The criteria determining where you are along your path to optimum eating starts with how much or little you're eating of the following:
Recipe from Georgeanne!

Here's one of her favorite holiday treats. 

Fried Oatmeal with Baked Banana
  • Leftover Cooked Oatmeal
  • Ripe Bananas
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Lemons ( 1 for every 3 bananas)
  • Honey, and Maple Syrup (if desired)
Start the day ahead.
Make up a pot of oatmeal for your breakfast, making double the amount you are having for your meal.  Take the leftover amount and press it into a rectangular dish.  Press firmly over the entire amount.  Place in fridge overnight.
The next morning run a knife around the edges of the oatmeal and turn the dish over.  The oatmeal should stay together and be able to be sliced.  Slice into about 1/4 inch slices.
Prepare the bananas for baking .  Plan on 1 banana per person.  Set oven to 350 degrees.
Peel and slice bananas lengthwise.  Place in a shallow baking dish.  Top  with small dots of butter or coconut oil.  Squeeze lemon juice over the top.  Drizzle honey over everything. 
Bake bananas for approximately 15 minutes.  They are delicious whether they cook only a short time and remain a bit firm, or cook a longer time and become quite soft.  Try it both ways!
Heat a griddle to medium heat and add a small pat of  organic butter or coconut oil to the pan.  Fry slices until crispy on both sides. 
Serve 4 slices of oatmeal per person and top with the bananas. 

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I'm thoroughly honored and humbled to have your trust and to be on this journey together with you. I look forward to seeing you soon!