As we enter a new year, it’s a good time to reflect on the extraordinary changes San Francisco Bay Ferry has experienced over the past 12 months.

Here’s what we accomplished in 2021:

  • Adopted and implemented WETA’s Pandemic Recovery Program, which incentivized ridership return by slashing fares by up to 30% and creating more frequent and flexible ferry schedules to improve accessibility to the system
  • Launched the new Alameda Seaplane ferry route at the Seaplane Lagoon Ferry Terminal at Alameda Point
  • Relaunched the Oakland & Alameda ferry route, providing for the first time ever dedicated commute service between Oakland and Downtown San Francisco
  • Resumed service on the Harbor Bay and South San Francisco ferry routes
  • Brought back weekend service, where ridership has been especially strong
  • Welcomed increasing counts of passengers since expanding service and lowering fares

And here’s what we’re working on in 2022:

  •  Analyzing ridership and revenue sources to determine service levels and a long-term fare program
  • Continuing work on WETA’s 2050 Service Vision and Business Plan, a blueprint for the next three decades of growth for the ferry system
  • Putting MV Dorado into service -- a versatile 320-passenger jet boat under construction in Washington
  • Closing the funding gap for the Mission Bay Ferry Landing and starting work on WETA’s first electric ferry
  • Finalizing plans for potential ferry service in Berkeley and Redwood City

Thank you for riding San Francisco Bay Ferry – we look forward to seeing you on board in 2022 and beyond!

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WETA, the agency that provides San Francisco Bay Ferry service, is currently hiring for three positions.

  • Grants & Budget Administrator, who will help our Finance & Administration team seek, secure and budget state and federal funds
  • Marine Operations Supervisor, who will help our Operations & Maintenance team and contract operator deliver efficient, reliable ferry service for our passengers
  • Transportation Planner, who will help our Planning & Development team analyze data and develop service plans

WETA offers competitive pay and robust benefits, including a pension and generous benefits. Learn more about these positions and apply at

Why is San Francisco Bay Ferry the best way to cross the bay?
As my company gradually returns to in-person work again, I often get asked, "What do you least look forward to about returning to the office?" The most common answer is "the commute." In my case, that is in fact one of the things I MOST look forward to!

What is your favorite ferry memory?
The friends I've met there. Since the pandemic started, 8 of us have a group text and a monthly happy hour, first on Zoom and now outdoors in-person, called "Peralta Dads." We may ride the ferry a lot less than we did, but that's where we connected, how we stay in touch, and we look forward to gathering on the outer deck of the Peralta with coffee or beers again soon!

How would you describe the atmosphere on the ferry?
25 minutes to disconnect, reset, and socialize with familiar faces on the outer deck or just listen to podcasts.

Describe San Francisco Bay Ferry in one word.