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March 2021
Dear Friend of DKT,
At DKT, we think a lot about impact. What does it mean to sell millions of IUDs and condoms? While we are intentional about our goals for the future, we also know how important it is to step back and reflect on our impact so far.

Whether we are considering DKT’s small part in the global commitment to increase access to contraception for 120 million women or examining our own 2020 results, DKT is constantly thinking about how we shape access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by transforming the regulatory environment, creating lifestyles with our brands, and helping people see the value in taking control of their reproductive destinies. We are proud of our 2020 results and invite you to read more below to learn about our impact, both big and small.

Chris Purdy
DKT shares reflection on FP2020 achievements
In 2016, DKT committed to the international FP2020 movement to empower millions of women in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) who have an unmet need for contraception. DKT committed to investing $300 million into FP2020 countries, contributing an additional $20 million in discretionary resources and generating 10 million incremental CYPs through the provision of modern contraception. DKT is on track to generate nearly 140 million non-abortion CYPs in FP2020 countries from 2016-2020. Additionally, in the same period, DKT expanded into 24 FP2020 countries and launched over 100 new products. You can read the full reflection here.
DKT reflects on our FP2020 achievements and celebrates expanding increased access to contraception around the world
Stories of Impact: Meet Rani Devi, a Surya Health Promoter in India
We are excited to continue our Stories of Impact storytelling initiative with the first story of the year focusing on Rani Devi. As a Surya Health Promoter in India, Rani is a local expert who counsels women and couples about a range of family planning topics, such as contraception, birth spacing, and abortion. By the end of 2020, Rani had referred almost 1,000 clients to the Surya network for sexual and reproductive health care. She also has been active during the COVID-19 pandemic through raising awareness about the virus and encouraging others to take necessary precautions to keep her community safe.
Rani Devi (far right), a Surya Health Promoter, is a trusted resource for young women in her community.
DKT makes first sales in Yemen
In early 2021, DKT successfully supplied the first order of contraceptives to the Yemen marketplace, part the DKT regional program in the Middle East. Delivering 18,000 IUDs, 10,000 units of emergency contraception, and 60,000 units of spermicidal suppositories, DKT is proud to provide Yemeni women with more contraceptive options in conflict settings. DKT also supplied marketing materials and sales and product training to our Yemeni team to help with promotion and education. We look forward to expanding on this work.
New White Paper highlights DKT's unique approach to sustainability and health equity
How do we ensure that health impact can be broadly sustained when donor resources shift or disappear? DKT has given this question a great deal of thought and shares its strategy for long-term solutions to program impact in a new White Paper. DKT’s work in low- and middle-income countries is made possible through an innovative financing model that employs three effective steps: cost-recovery, cross-subsidization and profitability.

Rising incomes, the proliferation of contraceptive offerings, and stronger lifestyle branding have helped contribute to increases in modern contraceptive prevalence. As demand increases, so too do program revenues. Over time, operations in middle-income countries can start to fund themselves and even contribute retained ‘profits’ to support new or existing programs in lower-income countries. This ‘Robin Hood’ approach shifts resources where they are needed, thereby supporting reproductive health equity. We invite you to learn more by reading here.
DRC's new contraception campaign prioritizes choice
DKT DRC recently launched a new TV campaign, titled “My life, my dreams, and my contraception,” to engage young people in thinking about their future plans and how contraceptives can aid their dreams. The campaign has already reached millions of women through TV and mass media.
DKT’s new campaign, “My life, my dreams, and my contraception,” encourages young people to prioritize their reproductive health care to achieve their dreams.  
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