Jan. 2020 Newsletter
Reflecting on a Growing Movement
Looking Back on 2019 and What's Next for 2020
In the shuffle and haste of “closing the books” for the year, it can be difficult to pause and reflect on how our collective work contributes to the broader localism movement and emphasis on place-based capital systems. But it is essential to acknowledge the difficulty of this work so that we can appreciate the significance of our progress and successes. This month, we share some of our successes alongside our partners in 2019 and look ahead to what we see coming in 2020.
Harnessing Guarantees for Impact
In December, 11 philanthropic organizations closed the final agreement for the Community Investment Guarantee Pool, the first domestic, multi-investor pool of guarantees for lending intermediaries involved in the affordable housing, small business and climate sectors. For more information, reach out to us at cigp@locusimpactinvesting.org and keep up with LOCUS for more announcements on CIGP later this month.
VCC Learning Exchange: What's Next
Virginia Community Capital (VCC), LOCUS' parent company, wrapped up its 2019 Learning Exchange. Titled "What's Next," the event featured TED style talks on issues impacting communities across the country, including housing, impact investing, technology and clean energy.

Stay tuned to LOCUS and VCC in the coming weeks for recordings of the program and speaker presentations.
Impact Investing in Action: Appalachia
The University of Virginia created a new January term course that dove deep into the expanding field of impact investing, " Impact Investing in Action: Appalachia. " The J-term course was lead by Stephanie Randolph, program officer of the Cassiopeia Foundation.
LOCUS President Teri Lovelace spoke at a kickoff event for the new curriculum addressing students on impact investing innovations like Opportunity Virginia and Community Investment Guarantee Pool.
Opportunity Zone Updates
The U.S. Treasury Department released finalized regulations governing Opportunity Zone eligibility. The new rules seek to create clarity for potential investors looking to take part in benefits offered by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Among the principle changes, regulators altered the timing surrounding when participants can invest gains and set the types of developments eligible for fund investment.

Forbes published another informative article on Opportunity Zones, " Community-First Opportunity Zones: Why Local-First Developers and Funds Are Essential." The article asserts that local developers are vital in creating success with community-focused developments and driving investor engagement with Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds.
News from
the Field
Where You'll Find LOCUS
Jan. 31 | Williamsburg, VA
Rebecca Richardson will host a workshop on behalf of Opportunity VA (private event).

Feb. 05-07 | Salt Lake City, UT
LOCUS will lead a deep dive session on the Community Investment Guarantee Pool.

Mar. 18-20 | Wichita, KS
Deb Markley, Travis Green, Lisa O'Mara and Teri Lovelace will facilitate (private event).

Apr. 14-16 | Pigeon Forge, TN
Deb Markley and Travis Green will attend.

May 11-13 | Atlanta, GA
Members of the LOCUS team will participate.

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