The days crawl but the years fly. Someone told me this as I was cradling newborn Naomi, bleary from lack of sleep and overwhelmed with what it meant to bring a human being into the world. It’s not so different with a new business—the early days of wondering how one even goes about finding a client, how it would ever be possible to generate useful content for a website, what to begin to write about in a blog. And then somehow one year becomes a different year and the four of you who began become fourteen and then forty and then eighty four. And that change happens very slowly in the moment but looking backwards happened in just a blink.

And so here we are. Our blog is ten years old. Our organisation is probably older than ten, but when we began, we were hardly preparing a careful set of artefacts for later discovery, so we sort of slouched into being on some day back in 2009 or 2010. We didn’t know that we would have a tenth birthday that we or anyone else would notice. The blog, though, has a date of first publication—so we know that it, at least, is ten years old. These round numbers are useful moments for taking a breath, for the re-membering and re-storying, as our colleague Fred writes. They are useful in figuring out who we have been and who we are becoming. And, there are some darn fine ideas that are still evergreen a decade or so later.

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In a two part blog, Fred writes about what to do when the maps of our lives no longer make sense and it is time to reorient ourselves, as well as how to cultivate moments of sabbatical mode in our lives that allow us to "step away, let go, open up and try things on and see what happens."
7 December 4pm CST / 8 December 9am AEDT

Everyone needs to renew themselves with an exploratory mindset on a regular basis. This 90-minute workshop focuses on entering what Fred Jones calls “sabbatical mode” to encounter new things, experiment actively and/or express yourself in the form of your choosing. Design times to step away from your routines, whether in the cracks of a day, once a week or during a more intentional sabbatical period. Become a designer of what you need and hear about examples that will inspire you.
5 January 4pm CST / 6 January 9am AEDT

You surely have realized by now that others won’t create boundaries for you, or at least ones that are good for you. You have to do it for yourself. Becoming a boundary designer involves experimentation and learning, and it makes possible the pursuit of meaningful goals in a sustainable way. It also allows you to experience things—where you are—even ordinary things, more fully, with more resonance. This 90-minute workshop will connect you with other boundary setters and leave you with something to try out and learn from this week to reshape your work and the life it fits in.
13 January 8pm ET /14 January 12pm AEDT
23 January 12pm ET / 6pm CET

Join Dominic Longo, akasha, and Rebecca Scott for this free interactive session exploring the territory where personal growth and leadership development intersect with gender identity and sexual orientation. For this event, coaches and leadership development practitioners invite gay, bi, and queer men whom they already know from their own personal and professional lives to join them for 90 minutes of sharing and learning.
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