Reflecting on our progress in 2017

Reflecting on our progress in year 2017
 As Winston Churchill rightly said "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.",  You supporters and volunteers of VT Seva have made many lives and touched many hearts in 2017. A Big thank you for your kind heart! We have organized  230 activities/events throughout United States serving local communities by actively engaging young volunteers. With your generous support, we have successfully raised funds to support all the key projects of VT Seva for one year - 
  • Providing education and complete care for 287 visually challenged students studying at Netra Vidyalaya schools and colleges, 1004 underprivileged students studying at Jeeyar Gurukulam schools for tribal and fishermen communities in India
  • Conducting 100 Cancer Screening camps in India and Nepal
  • Provide Harvey Disaster Relief of $50,000 in Houston and Rockport
To learn more about key accomplishments and complete details of VT Seva's journey in 2017, click here.
We are proud to present a very successful story of one of the students of Netra Vidyalaya, supported by VT Seva. Mr. Jagan has been with Netra Vidyalaya school from 1st grade. He is currently studying in 8th grade and looking forward to continue his higher education until he graduates with a Bachelor's degree from Netra Vidyalaya college.


Kiran Vangala,
Secretary, VT Seva

Jagan - Student of Netra Vidyalaya
My life journey from a poor, boy with visual impairments to the best athlete of the state in 2017

I woke up one morning feeling serious pains in my eyes, even though I was about four at the time, I remember feeling as if my eyes were on fire. My parents and everybody in the family were confused. There had never been such in the family. My parents took me to different places and tried all they could to save my sight but by the time I could get any help, it had become too late. It had affected my eyes beyond redemption. 

The colorful world I was born into has became pitch dark to me, I would spend hours crying in the house because I couldn't be like normal kids of my age. Even though my parents enrolled me at the school, the teachers there after some time advised that I should stop coming because it was no use if I couldn't see what they were teaching me. Eventually, when I was withdrawn from the school, I felt like my life had ended.

My father Nagesh, who worked as a toddy tapping laborer, my mother Parvathi and my sister Madhavi although took great care of me but were getting worried on how pitiful my future might be. But as always, there was a small hope, a hope of being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness, which led me to 'Netra Vidyalaya'. I was 6 years old and was admitted into 1st grade. They accepted me with all the love and care.

Jagan's father - Nagesh

Best Athlete Award
This school has given me a new beginning, it taught me how to overlook my disability and have grit to accomplish anything in life. With constant coaching from my beloved teachers and blessing from elders, I was truly fortunate to participate in para Olympics and win 1 gold and 1 silver medals and got selected as the best athlete of Andhra Pradesh in 2017. I also won prize in NATMO Braille map quiz from Dehradun Governor and was part of the team which stood as South Zone Cricket Tournament Champions.

Born as a son of toddy laborer and getting visually challenged at the age of 5, I have never in my wild dreams thought about being the best athlete of the state. It would not have been possible without the grace of god, parent's blessings, Netra Vidyalaya founder HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji motivation, my teacher's encouragement, school management inspiration and most importantly YOU, the generous donors.

I will always be indebted to you all for this journey so far, I pray god to bless your kind heart, I pray god to give me enough strength to bring more laurels to the school, the state, the country and be an inspiration to all the visually challenged children.

As Helen Keller once said, "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it". It is with YOUR support, I have found a way to overcome my disability. Although I don't have sight, I have a vision. A vision to not only be self-sufficient, but also give back to this society that has given me so much hope. Thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for this hope. With a hope of more laurels to win in 2018,

Odaboyina Jagan
8th Standard
Netra Vidyalaya
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