We allow ourselves to be lulled into a certainty, that the contents of our consciousness are objective (I know that), and who we think we are is a subjective certainty (I know that). In short, we create a subject-object split we deeply believe in and don't even recognize as a construction anymore. The result is that we make thoughts into things and nouns, which makes them seem like facts. Spiritually, this means that we are left with the impression that love is a noun rather than a verb, and that we can talk about God with the pretense of certainty. That is how hazardous beliefs are. 


Mindfulness is an extremely personal awareness-based life engagement of a special sort; not special in an elitist way, but in the sense that despite its present popularity it is not usually pursued by many people. Awareness sounds noble and seems desirable, yet challenges our being to the core. Thus mindfulness requires much more than good intentions combined with interest. 

Living mindfully means to be fully immersed in the ruthless pursuit of truth. To this end we have to fully embrace reality, which means to always be on the lookout for what we do not want to know, feel or accept about ourselves. The fuel for awareness is what keeps hitting us over the head despite our repeated attempts at getting rid of it.

Listen carefully to all the criticism and dissatisfaction others express about you; don't dismiss it too easily, lovingly hold that pain in your conscious embrace, sift through its layers of meaning and complexity, and grow from it by assuming responsibility for your vulnerabilities and imperfections, without violence to yourself, and without unduly shouldering the part of that pain that does not belong to you. 

Get your hands dirty as you tend the garden of your Being. You have nothing more to lose than everything.


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