Reflection from you Co-Pastor Monday, June 21, 2021

Matthew's Gospel 7: 1-5

In his book The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz shares with his readers some of the spiritual beliefs of his ancient Toltec ancestors.  The book advocates personal freedom from beliefs and agreements that we have made with ourselves, God, and others, that are creating limitation and unhappiness in our lives.

The first agreement speaks to today's Gospel reading: Ruiz asks us,"Be impeccable with your word." Our word is the gift that comes directly from God. If we speak with integrity, say only what we mean, and avoid using our word to judge ourselves and others, we can transform our lives into a new experience of freedom, true joy, and love. Being impeccable with language means to take responsibility for one's actions and remain without judgment against one's self and others. The power of our word should be used in the direction of truth and love.
Jesus's Word to us today is to "Stop judging. For as you judge, so will you be judged."

Our Christian faith has taught us that we have but one judge and that is our Brother Jesus. However we judge ourselves, our sisters and brothers, and sometimes even God--perhaps questioning how God could unleash such a pandemic upon us and allow so many to die of the Covid virus.

May we begin this day with being impeccable with our word. Before we speak, let us follow the wisdom of the Buddha who teaches, "If you propose to speak, always ask yourself, 'Is it true? Is it necessary? and Is it kind?"

In this way, we can first attend to the wooden beam in our own eye, with God's help.

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Friendly Reminders
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Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available upon request by calling Co-Pastor Jane at 973-610-6104. (Yes, it is a 973 area code)
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Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day 2021
Wed., June 23rd
Every June, Colorado celebrates Bike Month and here in Fort Collins. In 2021, we're back on track with Bike to Work (or Wherever) Day, planned for Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

301 Faith Partners will host a station. Helpers are needed for our station in back of TLC to setup and host. Stay as long as you like but coordination is needed. Ride your bike there as well. Good times! Contact David Cloyd at 970-227-0792. Free breakfast for bicyclists! For more information on Bike to Work day in Fort Collins, click here
Schedule of Upcoming Services
June 27 10:30 am via Zoom (zoom link TBD) No in-church service - 'Creation Care' 301 Faith Partners Shared Service. Co-Pastor Dcn. Rosean Amaral will give the homily.
July 4th— 5:00 pm 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time. 'The Vulnerability of the Prophet, our response.' Father Teri Harroun will preside at Mass in the sanctuary and will be broadcasted live via Zoom. (Link to watch live)

July 11th— 5:00 pm 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time Sanctuary. 'Go Out and spread the Word; Disciple by our actions.' Co-Pastor Rosean Amaral will preside at Mass in the sanctuary and will be broadcasted live via Zoom. (Link to watch live)
Prayer Requests
Praying for peace, health and well-being through challenging times

+Carl Lake, friend of Co-Pastor Jane
+Cortney Shook - daughter of Tom and Jean Christen, member
+Dorothea Grimm - Mother of Rosanna Bateman, member
+Sue Harari - friend of Cathy Engel
+Mary Detweiller - member and her daughter Tricia

+Rob Frank - friend of Kerrie Anderson - member
+Jerry Padilla, father and Ryan Cordova nephew of Lisa Jones - member
+Aidan - grandson of Mother Kae.
+Lauren Roob - friend of Rosanna Bateman

+Liz and Ken Zornes and family, whose daughter is struggling with addiction - friends of Sandra and Dick Life
+Michael Keefe, son of member Yvonne Keefe
+Dona Bosse - member
+Rosemary - Fr Michael's mother

In gratitude for all who pray for and with our community.
+Dani - niece of the Cloyds - members
+Ruth Parker, sister of Dori Carroll
+Joanne Gallagher - member, and for her sister, Dr. Barbara Immroth

+Jim and Lucille Bowen friends of Suzanne King, member
+Leo Sixfather of Michael Six
+Mike Gudim
+Suzanne King - member

For the peaceful repose of souls for those who've passed and comfort for the families.
Adrian - Son of Joe & Ann - friends of
members Cindy and David Cloyd
Mary Crosby - member
Clint Wisdom - brother-in-law of Joan Chapman-Smith
Leon - father of Mother Cynthia

Kristin - daughter of ECC priest Scott Jenkins.
Joan Kneeland - sister-in-law of Bill Kneeland
Rita Ortiz, friend of Deacon Rosean
Margie Weitz - member

Chris Bachman, friend of Lisa Jones
Bob, husband of Joyce Dehaven -
friend of Cathy Engel
David Heyman -member
Service Recordings
Sunday - June 20
Here is the recording of the homily by Co-Pastor Reverend Jane Reina celebrating the first anniversary of her ordination on Sunday June 20. The entire service is available in a printed document to assist with prayer.
For all bulletins, reflections, Sunday recordings during, visit our webpage. Please contact us with questions, concerns and ideas for better connection with and for the community -

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