Reflection from you Co-Pastor Thursday, June 24, 2021


Dedicated to God

For surely the hand of God was with him. Luke 1:66

Even before his birth, circumstances were such that John the Baptist's parents sensed their son's uniqueness. John had a mission and he fulfilled it. No matter what our parental heritage or the situation regarding our birth, none of us can claim John's history. I doubt any of us had angels making announcements before our birth or fathers whose voice was silenced until our arrival. And yet, as far removed as our lives might seem to be from this historical figure, they are not.
God also has a desire for our lives. Each of us in our mother's womb was also known to God.

Each of us at our birth was already on a journey of dedication, called to a life of reflecting the goodness of God. Each of us, in our own way, is on a mission to be fulfilled. May we live in such a way that we carry the message John carried:

"Have a clean heart. Keep your eyes on Jesus and his teachings. Desire to do good." 

Sr. Joyce Rupp, O.S.M.
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Have you considered?
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Sacrament of Reconciliation
The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is available upon request by calling Co-Pastor Jane at 973-610-6104. (Yes, it is a 973 area code)
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Equity in Fort Collins
A new initiative on racial equity is being formed in Fort Collins, called Our Commitment to Self and Society. It has already drawn the support of many local government and faith community leaders.

Our Commitment is inviting all to come together to look at where we are in racial equity in Fort Collins, where we would like to be, and how do we get there together.
A Virtual Town Hall on Tuesday, June 29, at 7:00 pm will be held and anyone who is interested in being involved in this project is invited. 

Please RSVP by email to:
Service Recordings
Sunday - June 20
Here is the recording of the homily by Co-Pastor Reverend Jane Reina celebrating the first anniversary of her ordination on Sunday June 20. The entire service is available in a printed document to assist with prayer.
Praying for peace, health and well-being through
challenging times

+Ira Robinson, 18 mo. old grand-nephew of Mary Lou Devlin -member - is hospitalized. Please pray for Ira and family.
+Carl Lake, friend of Co-Pastor Jane
+Courtney Shook - daughter of Tom and Jean Christen, member
+Dorothea Grimm - Mother of Rosanna Bateman, member
+Sue Harari - friend of Cathy Engel
+Mary Detweiller - member and her daughter Tricia

+Rob Frank - friend of Kerrie Anderson - member
+Jerry Padilla, father and Ryan Cordova nephew of Lisa Jones - member
+Aidan - grandson of Mother Kae.
+Lauren Roob - friend of Rosanna Bateman

+Liz and Ken Zornes and family, whose daughter is struggling with addiction - friends of Sandra and Dick Life
+Michael Keefe, son of member Yvonne Keefe
+Dona Bosse - member
+Rosemary - Fr Michael's mother

In gratitude for all who pray for and with our community.
+Dani - niece of the Cloyds - members
+Ruth Parker, sister of Dori Carroll
+Joanne Gallagher - member, and for her sister, Dr. Barbara Immroth

+Jim and Lucille Bowen friends of Suzanne King, member
+Leo Sixfather of Michael Six
+Mike Gudim
+Suzanne King - member

For the peaceful repose of souls for those who've passed and comfort for the families.
Adrian - Son of Joe & Ann - friends of
members Cindy and David Cloyd
Mary Crosby - member
Clint Wisdom - brother-in-law of Joan Chapman-Smith
Leon - father of Mother Cynthia

Kristin - daughter of ECC priest Scott Jenkins.
Joan Kneeland - sister-in-law of Bill Kneeland
Rita Ortiz, friend of Deacon Rosean
Margie Weitz - member

Chris Bachman, friend of Lisa Jones
Bob, husband of Joyce Dehaven -
friend of Cathy Engel
David Heyman - member
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