Reflections from your Co-Pastors
May 18, 2021

The Gospel of John 17: 1-11

In John's Gospel, Chapters 14-17 are known as the Farewell Discourse given by Jesus to his disciples. Jesus tells them that he will be going to the Father and he will send the Holy Spirit to guide them. He commands them to love one another as he has loved them. Then Jesus says that he is the True Vine, the source of life for the world, and his Father is the vine grower. The disciples are the branches of the vine. Jesus also warns the disciples of upcoming persecutions, gives them his peace, and reassures the disciples not to be fearful.

Now in today's Gospel reading, Jesus prays for his followers and the coming Church. This is the longest prayer of Jesus in any of the Gospels. In this farewell prayer, Jesus addresses God as he turns his eyes to heaven.

And even though Jesus has taught his disciples how to pray the well-known and memorized Lord's Prayer, He now models a more spontaneous,
more conversational way of praying directly to God. In His prayer, He asks that all the disciples have eternal life, defined by Christ as knowing God and knowing Jesus the Christ. He then asks that the disciples may be one, as Jesus and the father are one.

Since Jesus will no longer be in the world, His prayer connects God to the disciples by asking God to keep them in his name, to protect them, and to make them one just as Jesus and God are one.
The love of God is within us, as well as the Spirit of Christ. So, let us go out into the world clothed in the power of the Trinity. For this farewell prayer is for Jesus' first disciples as well as all those who will believe in Him through their word.

That's us! Praise be to God!
Bishop Francis Invites you to hear more about the Mary Magdalene Society
Join with Bishop Francis Krebs and other ECC members from across the US to hear an update on the Mary Magdalene Society. This will be held Tuesday, May 25th at 7:00 pm.

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Extraordinary Catholics - May 2021

Read the article in the May issue of 'Extraordinary Catholics' by Father Michael Nicosia about the formation, the beliefs and practices of the Ecumenical Catholic Communion - Page 9

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