Greetings to all Reflections Chairs and Council & OOC Unit Presidents!

Normally at this time, your unit and council Reflections programs would be getting underway with flyers being handed out at school along with student information packets.

Well as we all know by now, normal is relative. But Reflections is carrying on! This year we are figuring out how to help you do Reflections. In the next few weeks, we will be sharing information and guidance on how entries can/will be submitted “virtually” but I encourage you to kick off and promote your Reflections program now. Rules and Student Entry information are posted on the California State PTA website.

With many schools opening with only remote learning and limited contact allowed, we have to reinvent how we handle student entries. We are encouraging Councils/Units to join First District PTA in going “virtual” this year by accepting student entries electronically. This will be a challenge for all of us, but we believe we can all adapt and that this is the safest way to maintain this great PTA program. Details about how this will work will be coming but remember this will impact only how the student entries are submitted but not how they are created.

Great News: California State PTA has created an electronic Student Entry Form that can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or cell phone with some great features. Training on how it works are coming.

COUNCILS: Watch for invite to set up a time to get the form. If we have your email, you will hear from First District.

UNITS: Watch for email invites from your Council to get the form.


Here are some important next steps:

  • Make sure that you have entered the President and Reflections Chair contact information into PTEZ. This will be critical to getting information in a timely manner.
  • Make sure your Board has a motion to participate in Reflections and budgets for expenses.
  • Plan to get information out to as many students as possible. Does your district allow links to be posted on their website? Would your district include information about Reflections in their email to parents? Pandemics make us think outside the box!
  • Set up a technical committee to plan and handle digital entries – a unique email address, file naming protocols, organization techniques. Infrastructure will be critical for success. First District will support you as best we can.
  • Visit the California State PTA website and view the archived trainings on Reflections.
  • Share your successes and challenges with and we’ll share with all.

Questions? Email First District PTA VP of Education, Patty Scripter, at
Be sure to follow us on social media! We want to see what amazing things your PTAs are doing for kids!

This email was sent to all First District PTA unit and council PTA presidents, Reflections chairs, and the First District PTA Board of Directors.