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December 2011 - February 2012
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Dear Greetings!,

One mid-November Sunday, in a burst of inspiration, I wrote up a note and emailed it off to Siewfan and Antoinette, with the suggestion that we could either use it in our newsletter, or for our Birthday Party invite. 


"How about we edit it such that it can be used in both?" Antoinette shot back, possibly on a sugar high from banana bread and apple crumble.


Errrrrrrrr... these days I tend to think of structure and re-organisation in somewhat totally different terms.


But in the spirit of adaptability - one of the principles of Rolfing�, creativity- leftover Thanksgiving turkey done many, many ways-, eco-friendly- recycle and conserve-, and versatility- "My black skirt can be worn with this or that"-, I thought perhaps it might be another birdbrain idea worthy of exploration.   


So finished with a new topping, I'd like to share a little personal reflection of cheer and thanks.  And if you think recognise something, "It's chicken!"


In the spirit of re-packaging,





Anthea Lim



Editor's Note 
Soliloquy by Anthea Lim



I was putting out the laundry in our little serene room the other morning when I was struck by the "felt sense of December" as I call it.


There's something about the end of the year.  And I don't mean the traffic building up rapidly outside Ngee Ann City and Paragon, or the Orchard Road Christmas Bling Bling soon to be visible from space.  The light feels different; the air smells different.  And for me, that is the signature of the last two months of the calendar year.  I suppose there is also the 27 umbrellas that I buy during this time which will somehow manage to find new homes over the next 10 months.


December.   Wow, Gallery Helios turns ONE!  And what an amazing year it has been.   


Finally, our decorative screening panels stayed up, our contractors stopped traipsing in to touch up the little bits of stuffs, the name plates for our rooms made it onto the walls, and our bookshelf is slowly filling out through generous donations of relevant titles (spring cleaning, anyone?).   


We've had fabulous fun organising two charity fundraisers.  "An Evening of Food, Fun & Philanthropy" in January helped to raise funds and awareness for Tana River Life Foundation, while the proceeds of June's Himalayan Singing Bowl Concert supported Son of Light in Nepal, and Trinity Soup Kitchen here in Singapore.  Then having gotten the hang of putting out the food and lighting the candles, we raised the ante in our last party on 11th November with some fantastic live music in our urban jungle atrium.


Kundalini Yoga, Meditation Evenings, NLP trainings and Coaching Circles, Essential Oils and Nutripuncture Workshops, Potential Project's Mindfulness at Work are just some of the offerings that punctuate our monthly calendar, keeping Antoinette and myself on our toes (literally) with what we cheekily refer to these days as "furniture meditation".  Other exciting workshops are in various stages of design and development, and lest I spoil the surprise, do watch our newsletters and Facebook events for details.


Last December I was invited to join Gallery Helios.  Wow!  I could not have asked for a more beautiful space to house my practice.  And I could not have foreseen how this simple operational logistic would be eclipsed by all the year had to bring- a place to park my "binary" energy and incubate various bright (someone says "hare-brain") ideas; the camaraderie and conversance of a growing team of practitioners and "house groupies"; and of course, no journey would be complete without those patches of accelerated learning and awkward growth.  So for all the doing that had to be done, it is perhaps the hand-holding that matters most. 


And now, what would be a Type Six, digital auditory soliloquy without the Oscar finish? 

To our friends and clients, a very big THANK YOU!



Jin Shin Jyutsu, any one?

Anthea Lim


 .... if ever she lies in the cool grass at night-time it will be to try to fall asleep. ~ Oscar Wilde, albeit with a bit of artistic license. 


Featured Practitioner 

Pascale Bernard


Pascale Bernard

Energy Practitioner

Transgenerational Therapy Practitioner 

Nutripuncture Practitioner 



Culture: History and Art History Degrees 

Business: MBA at Ecole Superieur de Commerce - ESCP Paris 

Therapy: Personal experience in energetic therapies



"My knowledge of Nutripuncture began with my own personal experience and significant and deep work done on my family and myself. The results were so impressive that I decided to continue with my discovery of Nutripuncture, with training to help more people. 

So it gives me great pleasure and satisfaction that while I am also always working as a therapist in transgenerational I can see that Nutripuncture also has its place in this vast field of family memories."


 Read More 

Nutripuncture Preview

with Pascale Bernard

Nutripuncture is an innovative holistic approach that uses a new generation of nutritional supplements, or "informational supplements", consisting of trace element complexes that address directly the body's intelligence to strengthen its vitality and support its self-regulation.   

Suited for all ages, without any counter-indications, it provides effective responses to various stresses that diminish psychophysical well being. 


Nutripuncture acts directly on cellular communication & exchanges. It strengthens the circulation of information necessary for self-regulation of the body, providing rapid, targeted results.  

It is a highly effective tool to strengthen the field upon which psychosomatic, functional, biological, or even lesioning illnesses can develop.  

Its objective is to strengthen the vitality of the body by promoting self-regulation.  

Be introduced to the main principles of Nutripuncture : how vital currents, organs and the 5 senses are connected and how behaviors are linked to health issues.


Date: Thursday, 12 January 2012

Time: 7 pm - 9 pm

Venue: Gallery Helios


To register email 


Quote of the Month 


"My life has been full of terrible misfortunes most of which never happened." -Michel de Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)   


What's On in December 


Courses and Events




Meditation Practice


21 December

NLP Coaching Circle


12 January

Nutripuncture Preview 


25 January 25 - 22 February 2012

Mindfulness at Work


 4 February

Dorn Self-Help Workshop


18 February

Food, Fun, Philanthropy


Click links to register or call us to learn more. 

Pain in the Neck?
Self-help Dorn Method with Antoinette Biehlmeier



Is your neck a pain in the neck?


Tired of your achy back? Annoyed at not being able to look over your shoulder? 


You are finally ready to free yourself from stiffness?


This could be the workshop for you:


Simple self-help exercises to 

  • relieve the tension in the back and neck, 
  • gently realign your spine, and 
  • release aching joints. 


Best of all, learn an absolutely amazing massage technique that totally relaxes the spinal muscles and leaves you longing for more...So why not grab your partner or a friend and join us?



Date: Saturday, 4th February 2012

Time: 10.00 am - 1.30 pm

Fees: S$150 (includes manual)


Please bring socks, a shirt that buttons down the front (for modesty) and a towel for the massage





Meditation: An Introduction to the Zen Perspective
By Meditation Teacher Toby Ouvry



Cypress TreeThe Zen School of Meditation arose from a combination of the teachings of the Buddha with the teachings of Taoism in China during the 6th century AD, where it became known as Chan meditation ('Chan' meaning 'quietude'). Later it was adopted by the Japanese, and it is they that called it Zen.


Zen is a particularly appropriate form of meditation for today's hyper busy and challenging world because:

  • Its approach is simple, direct and non-complex (the antithesis of our complex day to day habitual mind!)
  • The emphasis is on re-connecting to our 'original mind' or 'beginners mind', helping us to find relief from the information overload of our daily life, and the cynicism and world weariness that we can feel living in such challenging and world  changing times
  • It is metaphysics-light and can be practiced by people of all beliefs and backgrounds as the emphasis is upon experiential insight, method and process rather than belief
  • Rather than giving us a set of beliefs that we should 'accept' without question, Zen meditation offers us a set of practices that enable us to access and enhance our naturally occurring intelligence, wisdom and compassion!

Venue:  Gallery Helios

Date: Wednesday, 18th January 2012

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30 pm

Fees: S$50

Attire: loose, comfortable clothing

Seating: chairs (no need to fold legs into pretzel)


All participants will be provided with a set of workshop notes and MP3 recording of the workshop for their own personal use. 


Following this introduction, there will be monthly zen

meditation sessions every 3rd Wednesday of the month. 


To register or for further enquiries: 

Email: or or SMS Toby Ouvry 96750279


About the Teacher: Toby Ouvry is a meditation teacher and artist who has been practicing and teaching for over fifteen years, including five years as a Buddhist Monk. You can find more out about Toby and his work by going to



Tana River Life FoundationTRLF
Food, Fun and Philanthropy

Mark your calendars please Saturday, 18th February, 7.30pm. Gallery Helios will host an evening of dinner and music for the benefit of the Tana River Life Foundation. Come and be inspired by the work of Gabriel Teo in Kenya. We are also happy to welcome back our musical friends, Clara Chua and Ho Kah Keh, and the fabulous food from the chefs of JAM. Details will follow when we have firmed up arrangements.

Tana River Life Foundation
Tana River Life Foundation

Date: Saturday, 18th February 2012
Time: 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Donation: S$100

Who is Who at Gallery Helios? 
Practitioners, Coaches, Teachers

Siewfan Wong
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, DeepDive Coaching, Chios Master Teacher, EFT, Enneagram, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, MBA

Antoinette Biehlmeier 
Co-Founder of Gallery Helios, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Regression Therapy, Nutripuncture, Dorn Method, NAET, InnerDynamics & InnerTune Therapy, NLP Coach

Simon Wong 
Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Cert. NLP and NLP New Code Trainer (ITANLP). Master Trainer and Facilitator (NLP University), MBA Strategic Marketing

Ho Kah Keh  Director, Academy@GalleryHelios, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Leadership development, Performing Arts, Branding

Anthea Lim
Rolfing Structural Integration�, NLP Coach

Claudia Hofmaier
Indigo Quantum Biofeedback  & Raindrop Therapy, ITEC, CARE, QCE, Mind Energy Coach 

Mukhtiar Singh 
Homeopathy, LIFE System� Biofeedback, Esogetic Colorpuncture, Earth Holographic Crystal Therapy, Dorn Method

Dr. Modh Rashidinz PhD, ND
Naturopathy, Traditional Malay Medicine, Manipulative Therapies

Hega Schultz 
Business and Career Coaching, NLP Master Coach, Systemic Coach, MBA

Visiting Practitioners, Instructors and Teachers

Pascale Bernard
 - Nutripuncture Trainer

Michael Carrol
 - NLP Master Trainer

Adam Fazlur - Kundalini Yoga facilitator

Tee Beng See - Meditation facilitator

Toby Ouvry - Meditation teacher and artist

For online booking and more detailed information, visit 



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