Happy Chanukah!
Light Your Menorah Candles & Take a Moment:
8 Ways You Can Join the Masorti Movement
Building an #InclusiveIsrael 
Dear Friends,
We hope you are enjoying Chanukah --eating latkes and sufganiot-- surrounded by family and friends.

As we promised, we're sending you two more ways to reflect, as you light candles, on how Masorti works for positive change in Israel.

Here are reflections for the third and fourth nights.

Chanukah Sameach,
Gideon Aronoff
Executive Director
Challenge #3
Ultra-Orthodox leadership is trying to deny members of the Jewish Abayudaya community of Uganda their right as Jews to make Aliyah.
The Masorti Answer

The movement is defending Yosef Kibita, a
Masorti convert who loves Israel and is seeking equal rights under the law to live and study in the Jewish homeland. 
Challenge #4
Women are being prevented from forming a minyan and reading from the Torah at the Kotel. 
The Masorti Answer

  Masorti’s One Wall for One People campaign is leading the way in advocacy and educational efforts to ensure that all Jews have access to egalitarian prayer at the Kotel.