Issue II
Published by the Third Chapter Project, Inc .
Lessons from 75 Years Ago: Writer and Artist Ceija Stojka on the Liberation of Bergen-Belsen, the Typhus Epidemic, and Remembering Ravensbrück

By Lorely French
75 years ago, the typhus epidemic raging among inmates in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp caused the British liberators to burn the camp down. Visual and written depictions by Austrian Romni Ceija Stojka, a child survivor of the camp, give pause for reflection during our contemporary pandemic.
photo credits: © Nachlass Ceija Stojka: Hojda Willibald Stojka, Wien, Photos by: Matthias Reichelt
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Listening to the Voice of Africa

From Third Chapter President Lee Walton

As anyone who has ever tried to help another can tell you, your assistance will only be helpful if the need and the solution match up. You cannot give a 10-year-old child a car when what they need is a ride. This holds true for nonprofits as well. As we work toward the establishment of Third Chapter in Africa, it is vital that we listen to the community that we hope to serve. To that end, here are the steps we are taking to hear this voice at Third Chapter...

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The Third Chapter Project, Inc., wants to welcome Dr. Teboho Moja to the Third Chapter board of directors! We are also excited to introduce members of our African Studies Advisory Board. Learn more at