Reflections with Fr. Mark
We have arrived at the first Friday of Lent and embrace the invitation to pray, fast and to give. We are called to make choices in our lives that will increase the holiness within us.  Perhaps this Lent we might focus on a different fast: not from food, or sweets or something banal like that; but, from some things put forth by Pope Francis.

1.    Fast from Hurting Words and say Kind words.
2.    Fast from Sadness and be filled with Gratitude.
3.    Fast from Anger and be filled with Patience.
4.    Fast from Pessimism and be filled with Hope.
5.    Fast from Worries and Trust in God.
6.    Fast from Complaints and contemplate Simplicity.
7.    Fast from Pressures and be Prayerful.
8.    Fast from Bitterness and fill your heart with Joy.
9.    Fast from Selfishness and be Compassionate to others.
10. Fast from Grudges and be Reconciled.
11. Fast from Words and be Silent so you can listen.

Continue the journey…

Spiritual Reflection: “Give me the courage to truly fast and hunger for you, my Jesus.” ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Blessings of love,

Fr. Mark

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