Reflections with Fr. Mark
When we reflect upon the apostles that Jesus called first, we think of The Twelve.  Of course, we realize that Jesus called more apostles to follow him and continues to call forth leaders even today.  We need leaders and shepherds.  

Often, we can rebel against leadership just as the nation of Israel rebelled in the Old Testament stories. It may be easier to rebel than to lead.  And, here, is the invitation to embrace your inner apostle and see where you can lead as well!

Today, we pray for the protection of unborn human life and the end to abortion.  We must come to the defense of the most innocent in our society as the foundation of any other social justice movement we may feel.  

We must not abandon the most defenseless to the whims of political action or “choice” when those freedoms cannot even be lived out by the One trapped in the womb of injustice.  Be an Apostle of Life today - willing to stand, to defend and to celebrate the Author of Life.

Spiritual Reflection: “Embrace your inner Apostle.”

Blessings of love,

Fr. Mark
Mass Schedule Updates
In-person Masses to Resume (in the church):

  • Weekday Masses: 9:00 am Daily Mass beginning Monday, Feb. 1.

  • Sunday Masses: 8:30 am and 10:30 am Mass beginning Sunday, Feb. 7.

  • Communion Reception Line will move to Noon-1:00 pm on Sunday, Feb. 7.
  • Sunday Virtual Mass will continue to be available online.
Join OneLife LA Virtually on January 23! 

OneLife LA is an event hosted by the Los Angeles Archdiocese to celebrate and witness the beauty and dignity of every human life. This year we will gather virtually to listen to powerful stories from people who have overcome great challenges in life and have learned to use that struggle to help others. 

Join us on Saturday, January 23, at 12:00 pm to view the event livestream.
Confessions will not be offered Saturday, Jan. 23, due to the expected inclement weather.