Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Today, we celebrate the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle who is also referred to as “Didymus” or “the Twin.”  When we think of Thomas, we often immediately conclude our thought with doubt.  Doubting Thomas.  Perhaps we need to change our view a bit and see his high praise of Jesus in God: “My Lord and my God!”  

Thomas’ Christology is exclaimed by those of us who grew up in an era gone by when we recited those words as the priest held up the Host and the Chalice during the consecratory prayers.  Something to remember, too, is that once Thomas saw and touched:  HE BELIEVED.  Thomas’ belief would carry him and his faith to the edge of the world to prophetically proclaim the gospel of Christ to all who would hear.

Today, proclaim your faith in Christ with love.

Be assured of our prayers for you each day as we continue our journey together and apart.


Fr. Mark
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