Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

When the pandemic first began, we saw acts of prejudice and hate perpetrated against those who where of Asian descent or who were observed to not be following the directives of health officers or civil authorities. 

Imagine what it was like in the time of Jesus when a person was ruled “unclean” due to leprosy or some other disease.  That person would be shunned, expelled and labeled.  They could no longer live among the “clean” and became outcasts who lost their livelihoods, family, friends and temple worship.  They were “dead” to society!

When Jesus heals the leper, he restores everything for that person.  The healing makes “whole” the person who was an outcast.  Each of us have that opportunity to feel whole as we approach the healing power of a merciful God in confession and repentance.  Our journey of faith is the road of introduction to the powerful miracle of being made whole.


Fr. Mark
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