Reflections with Fr. Mark
Violence often erupts when people lose hope.  As members of the Catholic Church, then, we are called to bring the hope of Christ to our world that often resorts to violence due to the loss of hope due to the many injustices faced across our globe. Some injustices are old friends noted in the pages of scriptures and some are newly arrived on the scene of our human journey.  Either way, the dignity of human life is at stake and that is our clarion call to act.

In our gospel today, they wanted to throw injustice toward Jesus in the form of rocks to stone him to death.  Perhaps today, it would be bullets? Most often, we resort to “stoning” the good name of another or outright betrayal of a relationship altogether. It is here, that Jesus is needed as our model of service in the face of any injustice, old or new, in the journey of life.

Spiritual Reflection: “Jesus, as our model of service.”

Continuing our journey,

Fr. Mark
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