Reflections with Fr. Mark
Our readings give us a picture of a Jesus that some do not like to embrace.  The Lord is filled with anger and is seemingly violent.  This is not the picture of a smiling, loving and patient Jesus.  Perhaps he hadn’t had his morning joe, or he was having a bad day? 

No, this is righteous anger on display.  Jesus was human, too.  He felt the same emotions that we feel because they are a reality of life, even among the holiest of persons.  The problem usually comes with how we act (or don’t act) on our emotions; and, this is when we get into trouble, LOL!

Jesus was defending the beauty of his Father’s house, the Temple.  He was not acting against ALL merchants, just the ones who were underhanded and dishonest in their dealings with others.  At times, don’t you think Jesus should take that whip to our spiritual lives to whip us back into shape?  I know I need it.

The journey continues…preparing ourselves for the final journey!


Fr. Mark 

New Missalettes and Music Issues, as well as Holy Water, will be distributed during the Communion Reception Line this Sunday, November 22.

Virtual Thanksgiving Day Mass

All are invited to view our upcoming Virtual Thanksgiving Day Mass. The video will be posted on the parish website and e-mailed on the morning of Thursday, November 26 (There will not be a Communion Reception Line).