Reflections with Fr. Mark
God’s enemy, Satan, does not want us to think of heaven, prepare for heaven, or long for heaven’s peace. Satan wants us to forget about our connection to the Lord and live only for the glory we can find here and now. We feel that hellish pull whenever we grow tired of doing good, especially when no one appreciates or thanks us.

We know the temptation to despair when we hear skeptics ridicule believers, especially if we can’t point to convincing evidence that God provides for us that there is a life after this one. These shaky, uncomfortable experiences may come to us once in a while, or they may take root in our hearts and burden us for years.

This is precisely why we must celebrate All Saints’ Day with hearty gladness, because every single blessed soul in heaven is praying for us. The Communion of Saints is real, and the strength that Jesus sends to us through their prayers makes an actual difference in our lives.

Just as we pray for one another here on earth, our big brothers and sisters in Christ continue to pray for us, inviting us to know and share the love of God.
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The Pastoral Office will be closed on Monday, Nov. 9,
in observance of Veterans Day.