Reflections with Fr. Mark
Dear Parishioners,

Have you ever visited the Mission of San Juan Capistrano?  It is a beautiful place to spend a few hours visiting the Basilica and walking the grounds of the mission.  My classmate, Msgr. Michael McKiernan, is Pastor of the community currently…maybe he will give you a personal tour! The famed swallows often return to San Juan Capistrano around this celebratory date following their 6,000-mile journey from Argentina. 

In this time of pandemic, war, division and loss:  May we all pray that just as the swallows return to their home, everyone will be able to safely come back to the place they call home, after war, famine, natural disaster, or separation due to pandemic.  

“Lord, this is a people who long to see your face.”

The journey continues…seeing the face of God!


Fr. Mark

Confessions will not be held on Saturday, Oct. 24.
(First Communion Mass to be held)