Reflections with Fr. Mark
Most of us have grown weary of the “spin” the news media or Hollywood actors put on things.  Of course, all sides speak their version of the truth and even Facebook and other social media sites have hired thousands of so-called “fact-checkers.”  We could have weeks of debate based on the “truth” and “light” offered by these various organizations but typically we can just walk away from what we find distasteful or unlikeable and join one that is more agreeable to our feelings or opinions.  In other words, we have options and choices.

It may be too easy to walk out on a relationship, a marriage, a familial challenge, an occupation, an organization or even a faith community or religion.  But what if we stayed and worked to make them better instead?  Now, I’m not talking like “I will sacrifice myself and save this….”

No, there is but one Savior and that is and will always be Jesus Christ and that is where the attention belongs.  But I am speaking of what our saint of the day did.  
John of the Cross stayed in the Carmelite Order and reformed it from within.  He was even imprisoned for his attempts!

We all feel disillusioned at times.  God knows I have.  But we do not love institutions but what they stand for—the relationships that we foster within them and because of them.  Through the reading of Saint John of the Cross we come to understand the meaning of darkness leading to the light.

The journey continues…from darkness into Light!


Fr. Mark

Christmas Services 2020

Christmas Day 
(Friday, Dec. 25)

Mass in Plaza Area (In person)
8:30 am and 10:30 am
Limited spaced seating. No reservation necessary. First come, first seated.
Attendees may bring own chairs and sit on the field as well. 
Masks must be worn at all times. Families or one household may sit together. 
Please do not attend if you feel sick in any way.

Virtual Mass
View Mass from home at (Pre-recorded).

Drive-thru Communion Reception Line
 12:00-12:45 pm