Reflections with Fr. Mark
The reality of this day in 1941 remains in the memories of our WWII veterans still living today and in the minds of those who know the significance of this day moving our nation into the war. Many of our parishioners are of the age to remember the tragedy of this war and others. It was a “day of infamy” in our historic memory and we remember the young lives on this day in history and the years to follow. We thank our veterans for their sacrifice.

Often, battles are often fought to protect the freedom of others.  Our saint today, Saint Ambrose, settled a different kind of conflict challenging emperors and heresies.  He would be ordained a priest and bishop in the same week due to the way he handled these conflicts. 

As in the healing action of today’s gospel scene where Jesus brings healing to the paralytic lowered into his presence from above, Ambrose sought to bring healing among his people with the same care of body and soul as Jesus had.  We are called to do the same.

Happy Advent!

The journey continues…throwing off entitlement and titles and embracing the other (from an appropriate distance, of course).


Fr. Mark

Virtual Mass Celebrating the 
Feast of Immaculate Conception

All are invited to view our Virtual Mass celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation (Dec. 8). The video will be posted on the parish website and e-mailed the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 8. 

A Communion Reception Line will be held 10:00-10:30 am in the church parking lot. Masks must be worn. Please stay in car. Communion offered only in hand.