Reflections with Fr. Mark
We witness a growing hostility from some to the presence of Jesus and his ministry to bring healing, most especially from those to whom he should be familiar or there is an over familiarity. In the extraordinary healing of Naaman in the ordinary river of the place there are those who revolt against Jesus although he disappears from their midst.  

How familiar are you with Jesus?  Have you ever wanted to hurl him off the cliff for something he had done or had not done in your life?

Most often, the Archdiocese does NOT assign a priest, especially a Pastor, to his “home” parish because there is this same type of familiarity among the long-time parishioners.  Those who knew Fr. So and So when he was growing up or in the seminary.  Well, if Fr. So and So expects to accomplish anything he will have to stand up against the judgement and stale minds of those who cannot let go of knowing him decades earlier.  For most situations, this does not work out well for either the priest or the community of faith.

Besides, maybe the mature approach to life is to accept new places and new peoples and start anew.  I think that approach better reflects the Jesus of the Gospels who was always on the move.

Spiritual Reflection: “No prophet is accepted in his own native place.”

Blessings of love,

Fr. Mark

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