Reflections with Fr. Mark
In my homily this past weekend I spoke of the one who buried “the talent” given to him.  We do not know whether this act was done out of fear of the Master, laziness, thrift or whatever.  

What we do know from the parable is that he is not rewarded since he did not make a good decision with regard to his choice to put the talent (to work); rather, he was stripped of what was given him.  I reflected that, like in all parables, we may see ourselves in this parable’s character at times: not using well the blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

What about those who are seeking blessing?  Today, we have a blind man that is persistent in his attempt to approach Jesus.  He does not listen to the naysayers and he moves in the direction of Jesus even when there are those who are trying to stop him. Are you seeking blessings and moving toward Jesus…even, in your spiritual blindness?

Be aware of your shortcomings AND your blessings!

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark