Reflections with Fr. Mark
“The poor widow put in more than all the rest” is the teaching that flows from our gospel reading for today.  Do you think she thought twice about what she was doing?  Why do you give what you do?  What is the amount based on?  Or do you give at all?  These are important questions that every moral person must ask themselves when providing for the needs of others, considering their own circumstances.  The lesson we learn from the poor widow is that she did not take into consideration what she had left over but from what she needed to survive.  She gives generously from her heart because she places her trust in the Lord who cares for the widow and the orphan.  This is a high bar for each one of us to live by.

This pandemic has caused great financial and communal stress on the resources of the church.  And, yet, in the face of it all I trust that God will inspire generosity among his people.  Across the nation there have been a multitude of churches and schools that have closed and many more will follow.  Is God speaking to us through this?

I feel we need to bend our ear toward the voice of the heavens speaking to us in all things these days.

The journey continues…


Fr. Mark 

Virtual Thanksgiving Day Mass

All are invited to view our upcoming Virtual Thanksgiving Day Mass. Let us give thanks together - while apart - to God for "all good gifts." 

The video will be posted on the parish website and e-mailed on the morning of Thursday, November 26 (There will not be a Communion Reception Line). 

Blessings come in many ways, sometimes we do not notice them until long after they have occurred. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the many blessings in your life, those you are aware of and those you have yet to see.